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NEW Drone Camps PID Tune for Cinelog20!

NEW Custom PID Tune for the Fpv Community

Good News if you are one of the lucky pilots who purchased the GEPRC Cinelog20 we have something special for you. Use the information below to update the PIDs and Rates on your Cinelog20 for it to fly smoother than ever.

Custom PIDs and Rates tuned by Justin Davis

for the Drone Camps Fpv Community.

This article will allow you to try some new PIDs and Rates by Justin.

Download the latest version of Betaflight. And connect your quad using a USB Data Cable.

Once you have your quad connected click on the PID Tuning tab.

Follow along with the step to change your PIDs and Rates.

Note : DC suggests making a new PROFILE. Or using Profile 2. That way you can switch back to the DEFAUL Rates and PIDs if you choose to do so.

Step 1 : Copy the numbers above in the Proportional, Integral, D Max, Derivative, and FeedForward in your PID Tuning Settings in Betraflight. Make sure the numbers inside your Betaflight Configurator match what you see above.

Step 2 : When you have the numbers above copied into Betaflight. Click Save at the bottom right.

Step 3 : Add the RATES Numbers you see below into your Rates Profile inside your Betaflight Configurator. These rates are dialed down to produce a very smooth flying Cinelog20 for cinema videos.

Step 4: Once you have the numbers above copied into your Rateprofile click SAVE on the bottom right.

Now your Geprc Cinelog20 has Drone Camps RC's custom PID Tune and RC Rates!

It will fly better in acro mode and agility mdoe for Cinema. More controlled and less twitchy. The right amount of stick expo makes a world of difference for cinema fpv quads. Enjoy, Justin Davis @dronecamps

Google Docs ; Geprc Cinelog20 CLI Dump Backup

File here : Cinelog20 Settings

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Muchísimas gracias! Me ha servido mucho :) Thank you!

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