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TBS Tango 2 - RX Bind Tutorial

How to Setup and Bind a TBS Nano Receiver to TBS Tango 2 Radio

In this tutorial, we will be walking you through the process of setting up and binding a TBS nano receiver to a TBS Tango 2 Radio. Before we begin, it is important to take off the propellers to ensure safety during the setup process.

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TBS Tango 2 Radio :

Step 1: Turn On TBS Tango 2 Radio The first step is to turn on your TBS Tango 2 radio. This can be done by pressing and holding the power button until the screen turns on.

Step 2: Plug in the Battery Next, plug in a battery to your quadcopter to power it up, along with the receiver.

Step 3: Model Setup To start setting up the TBS Tango 2 Radio, go to the ‘Model’ tab and select ‘New Model’. Give the model a name and choose the type of model you are setting up (Quadcopter, helicopter, etc.).

Step 4: Internal Radio Setup In the internal radio setup, you will have to set up the endpoints and adjust other settings to match the requirements of your receiver and quadcopter. This is an important step to ensure proper communication between the receiver and the radio.

Step 5: Binding the TBS Nano Receiver To bind the TBS nano receiver, hold the bind button on the receiver and turn on the TBS Tango 2 radio while still holding the bind button. The nano receiver’s LED should start flashing in different colors, indicating that it is in bind mode. Go to the ‘Model’ tab and select ‘Bind’.

The TBS Tango 2 radio should detect the nano receiver and start the binding process. When the binding is successful, the nano receiver’s LED should turn green.

Step 6: Test Stick Directions in the Betaflight Receiver Tab. Connect to betaflight ; go to the ‘Receiver’ tab and move your sticks to test directions to ensure that they are moving the right directions. This step is crucial to ensure that the sticks on your radio are controlling the correct channels on your quadcopter. Usually TBS is setup to TAER in Betaflight.

TBS Rx Tips :

  • Make sure the nano receiver’s antenna is facing up and is properly positioned for optimal signal reception.

  • Make sure Rx antenna axis is the same as your radio antenna during flight. If your TBS Nano Receiver antenna is mounted "horizontal" on the quad. Make sure your radio or module antenna is also horizontal.

  • Keep the radio and the quadcopter close within 1meter during the binding process to avoid any interference or Rx Loss.

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Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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