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Review : ToolKitRC M7AC Multi Lipo Charger

The M7AC 1-6S Multi-Function Lipo Charger is out!

But what does Justin think compared to what is out there right now?

And is this a good choice for you? Read ahead and find out.

Where can I buy an M7AC?

ToolkitRC M7AC Lipo Charger $115 : Banggood

ToolKitRC M7 Lipo Charger $41 : Banggood

ToolkitRC ADP100 Power Adapter Supply : Banggood

8% Off Coupon Code : BGDavis2022

Justin's close priced choice lipo charger : HOTA D6 Duo Pro : Banggood

8% Off Coupon Code : BGDavis2022

M7AC Full Product Manual : PDF here

In the Box :

- M7AC Charger

- AC Power Cable

- USB Cable

- Quick Start Manual.

Specifications :

Input voltage: AC 100-240V MAX 100W 1.5A

DC 7.0-28.0V @MAX 20A

Battery type: Lipo LiHV LiFe Lion LTO@1-6S

NiMh @1-16S Pb @1-10S

Balance current: 800mA @ 4.2V

Charging power: 300W @MAX 15A

Discharge power: 300W @MAX 15A Recycle mode

15W@3A Normal mode

USBA: 10W@5.0V or Upgrade


PWM: 880-2200us @ 20-400Hz

PPM: 880-2200us * 8CH @ 20-50Hz

SBUS: 880-2200us * 16CH @ 20-100Hz

voltage: 1.0-5.0V @ 1-6S

Internal resistance: 0.1 mR-99mR @ 1-6S

ESC: 300W @ 15A


product size: 112*73*38mm

product weight: 245g

packing size: 144*125*43mm

packaging weight: 380g

LCD: IPS 2.4 inch LCD 320*240 resolution

TF Card: 128MB-16GB


PWM: 500-2500us @ 20-1000Hz

PPM: 880-2200us * 8CH @ 20-50Hz

SBUS: 880-2200us * 16CH @ 20-100Hz

power supply: 1.0-28.0V @0.5-15A mode:CC CV

Overcurrent response: <5ms

Justin's Review and #dronetruths

The M7AC Charger was released in September of 2022. And as fall is approaching and our hobby is changing to cool weather flying. My favorite time of year to fly.

Who is the M7AC Charger for? - Anyone who wants a portable lipo charger and signal tester.

The M7AC is an update to the original M7. The M7 Charger is now $41. More than 50% off of the cost of the new M7AC charger. The M7AC is larger, comes with a switchable output xt60 to xt30 ports. It is a single output charger. But can also do signal testing for ESCs, Servos, SBUS, PWM, and PPM.

Change the STARTUP Screen to your Pilot name or Custom Logo.

How to change the startup logo

Add the current firmware on a 16GB TF card put a TF Card in the side slot of the Charger and connect the USB Cable to your PC. A drive will show up on your PC. Look for the LOGO Folder. Replace the logo.bmp file with your logo file. When the Charger reloads again it will show the file you added!

Input Power Options :

- Dual Power Input Support. Choice of EU or USA Connectors.

- Optional field charger power by external lipo xt60 support.

The power of the M7AC has doubled compared to the M7.

- 50% more DC Power Output

- 50% more Discharge Power

- Twice the Balance Current

NEW Power ON / OFF Switch. Works with the AC Cord. But not with the lipo plugged in as the power supply.

Output Options with the M7 are limited to a single port. Meaning you can only charge 1 lipo at a time. However if you want to charge up to 6 lipos at once you can use a Balance board. We suggest the new JHEMCU 6 Port Board.

Output Max Amps : 15 Amps

100W Max with AC Cord. We wish this was more powerful.

USB Output Port : 2.1 Amp charge rate for your devices.

M7AC now has a kick-stand

It also has a new fold-able stand. Which I like a lot. It helps bring the charger up to eye level while on the bench. Fold it back to flat for traveling.

VOICE Pack Support

The M7AC has voice packs you can add to it. Not really something I want on my lipo charger. But they did make it an option. You can find voice packs here on ToolKitRC's Website. - Cool option. But will anyone seriously use this?

Justin's Final Thoughts on the M7AC.

I want more power from the AC cord. But it is what it is. 100W seems low me. To get the full 300W you will have to use an external power supply.

Positives : I like the ease of use. It is easy to just unbox and go straight to charging. The jog wheel and EXIT button works great. Menus are super easy. Nice bright screen. AC/DC Power options make it very portable for a field charger or bench charging. ToolkitRC also will engrave your pilot name or logo on a side panel for you. I am sure at a cost. But also a nice option.

Let's talk about the price... $121.99.

It's not that much less than the HOTA D6 Duo Pro. Which has 2 Charge ports also has 15A output. While the HOTA D6 is larger. It's just more useable for me for daily use. If you charge multiple batteries. Get the HOTA D6. If not the M7AC will do the job. For now I will stick with my HOTA D6 Duo Pro.

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Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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