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RC Helicopter is the gateway to flying FPV

Learning to fly line of sight first. This will make you a better pilot.

My first RC helicopter started my journey into fly all things. I got a cheap $25 one to start. The new KY202 RC Helicopter is packed with so many options we can't believe it's only $25! It's actually crazy how cheap it is. And we love flying it. First take off was impressive how smooth and stable.

It has Live Fpv, HD Video, Front facing sensor for obstacle avoidance, downward facing sensor for solid and level hovering. Options to turn off those sensors when you want to learn flying without position hold. 3 Speed modes, and even a demo button which flies the heli itself without hitting any walls! The KY202 actually sees a wall and turns to avoid it. It's impressive. The first heli I have seen that will do this!

Learn to fly line of sight with the KY202 RC Helicopter

KY202 RC Helicopter "Ready to Fly" $25 link :

The KY202 RC helicopter is an excellent option for beginners because of the price, with throttle control on the left stick and forward, back, left, and right on the right stick. The LEDs on the helicopter light up solid when a connection is made, and there is no wifi password required to connect. Just join the DU-series of numbers to connect for FPV view. In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with flying an RC helicopter, with a focus on the KY202 RC helicopter. We will also provide links for you to buy the KY202 RC helicopter and landing pad.

Getting Started The first step to learning how to fly an RC helicopter is to find a good location for flying. For your first day of flying, it's best to find a spot where there is no wind, and the area is free of obstructions. Once you have found a good location, it's time to start learning how to fly.

Line-of-Sight Flying Before jumping straight into FPV flying, it's best to start with line-of-sight (LOS) flying. This will help you learn the basics of flying a helicopter and get comfortable with the controls. When flying LOS, you are directly controlling the helicopter and keeping it in sight at all times.

Start by turning on your KY202 RC helicopter and controller. Wait for the helicopter's LED lights to turn solid, indicating that the connection has been made. Once connected, gently press the throttle stick up to lift the helicopter off the ground. Take your time to get used to the helicopter's movements, and practice hovering in place. Use the right stick to move the helicopter forward, backward, left, and right.

As you get comfortable with the helicopter's movements, you can start to try more complex maneuvers like figure eights and circles. It's important to take your time and practice at your own pace.

FPV Flying Once you are comfortable with line-of-sight flying, you can move on to FPV flying. FPV flying allows you to see what the helicopter sees through a camera on board. The KY202 RC helicopter comes with a camera that streams a live feed to your phone or tablet.

To get started with FPV flying, connect your phone or tablet to the KY202 RC helicopter's wifi network by joining the DU-series of numbers. Open the app, and you will see a live feed from the camera on your device. Use the controller to control the helicopter, and use the live feed to see where you are flying.

When starting with FPV flying, it's best to start with short flights and work your way up. It can take some time to get used to the different perspective of flying through a camera, so take it slow and be patient. Once you get comfortable with FPV flying, you can start to try more complex maneuvers and enjoy the thrill of flying through the eyes of your helicopter.

Accessories To get the most out of your KY202 RC helicopter, it's a good idea to invest in some accessories. A landing pad can be very useful when learning to fly, as it provides a stable and flat surface to take off and land on.

Another useful accessory is a spare battery. The KY202 RC helicopter comes with one battery, but having a spare allows you to fly for longer without having to recharge the battery.

KY202 RC helicopter spare batteries link :

Landing pad found at this link:

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