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How to Setup a Model in your radio

How to "Setup a Model" using EdgeTx inside your radio.

Article by Justin Davis

This article explains how to setup a model in your radio using Opentx / EdgeTx.

It's basically the same process. You can also Download EdgeTx Companion Software

for the PC or Mac and do it using your computer.

This is the way to "Setup a Model" using just your radio interface. 🤖

Setting up a model using EdgeTx inside the Radiomaster TX16s is a straightforward process, made even easier with these step-by-step instructions. Here's what you need to do :

  1. Turn on your Radiomaster TX16s radio controller.

  2. Go to the "Model Select" screen by pressing and holding the "Menu" button until the "Model Select" screen appears.

  3. Press the "Menu" button to enter the "Model Edit" screen.

  4. Make a new Model and give your model a name by using the control sticks to select letters and numbers and the "Enter" button to confirm. Note : I don't enjoy this part and usually keep my model names short. A pain to scroll thru the letters and numbers. Easier to do this inside EdgeTx Companion using your computer.

  5. In the "Inputs" section, assign channels to specific functions on your model by using the control sticks to select the channel and then pressing the "Enter" button to confirm.

  6. It is important to note that the channels are the same for a quad as an RC Airplane. AETR is usually the way it is setup. Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder. So like Channel 1 is Aileron. Channel 2 = Elevator. Channel 3 = Throttle. Channel 4 = Rudder ( yaw ). -- Or it can be setup as TAER which is how Crossfire likes to be setup.

  7. You can also change this setting inside Betaflight. But best to do it here in inside your radio and get familiar with both setups. -- Additionally, If you want to add / activate a "Switch" you do it starting on AUX 5. Because the first 4 channels are reserved for the control sticks for your quad on each flight axis. --- You can read my article on how to setup switches on certain radios on this website.

  8. In the "Outputs" section, you can fine-tune the settings for each channel by using the control sticks to adjust the settings and then pressing the "Enter" button to confirm.

  9. In the "Mixes" section, you can set up mixing between channels by using the control sticks to select the channels to mix and then pressing the "Enter" button to confirm. You don't need to mess with Mixes unless you have elevon setup. For quads move on to the next step.

  10. In the "Telemetry" section, you can set up telemetry options to monitor various aspects of your model, such as battery voltage or GPS location. If no GPS move to the next step.

  11. In the "Logic" section, you can set up custom logic for your model, such as automatically arming the motors when a switch is flipped.

  12. Check your work in Betaflight : Bind your quad to the radio. Plug in a cable ot your quad and enter betaflight. Check the correct Port for your receiver is selected and active. Go to the Receiver Tab and move your sticks to see if you see the colored bars moving. If not refer back to your Rx setup in Betaflight. I start with the Ports to make sure if it's a SerialRx receiver that SBUS is selected and the correct port is active. If not try all the ports. -- Don't turn off the MPS / VCP tab in ports or it will disable your USB port!

  13. Once you have finished setting up your model, press the "Exit" button to return to the "Model Select" screen.

  14. Select your model from the "Model Select" screen and test it to make sure it is working as expected. If you encounter any issues, consult the manual for troubleshooting guidance.

GREAT! - Now that you have a working quad setup you can "Duplicate" this quad setup and rename it something else if you have another quad you want to bind. The setup is pretty much the same for all 4 motor quads! I have done it this way for years. now I really don't have to start from scratch to setup a new quad.

Just copy and paste in the Model Select menu. ⭐️ Done.

If you need more help please join our Discord Group here :

Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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