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Getting Started with Soldering 101

This article is for beginners who want to get started in the FPV Drone Hobby

but are not sure what Soldering Tools you may need. This list and tool description will have you moving in the right direction on what to get first and why ...

What do I need to start Soldering an FPV Drone?

To properly solder an FPV drone, you will need a range of tools and equipment. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of the tools needed for soldering an FPV drone.

Chosing the right Soldering Iron ... Drone Camps Recommends this Soldering Iron. [ Link here ]

The most essential tool for soldering an FPV drone is a soldering iron. A soldering iron is a tool with a metal tip that is heated to melt solder. When selecting a soldering iron, you will want to look for one with a temperature control feature, as different electronic components may require different temperatures to be soldered properly. A good soldering iron will also have a comfortable grip and a sturdy stand to hold the iron when not in use.

  1. Solder 6040 Drone Camps Recommends this Solder. [ Link ] Solder is the material used to create the bond between two or more pieces of metal. It is essential to select the correct type of solder wire for your project. Most FPV drone builders will use a lead-free, rosin-core solder wire with a diameter of around 0.031 inches.

  2. Flux Drone Camps Recommends this Flux. [ Link ] Flux is a chemical substance that is applied to metal surfaces before soldering. It helps to remove oxides from the metal surfaces and makes it easier for the solder to bond. You can purchase flux in either liquid or paste form, and it is essential for ensuring strong, reliable solder joints.

  3. Soldering Tip Cleaner

  4. Drone Camps Recommends this Solder Tip Cleaner. [ Link ] Over time, the tip of your soldering iron will accumulate oxidation and other residues, which can make it difficult to use. A soldering tip cleaner is a specialized tool that is used to clean the tip of your soldering iron between uses. It typically consists of a brass sponge or wire ball that you can use to wipe the tip of your iron clean.

  5. Helping Hands

  6. Drone Camps Recommends these Helping Hands. [ Link ] Soldering electronic components can be challenging, as it often requires holding wires or components in place while soldering. Helping hands are specialized tools that are designed to hold wires, circuit boards, and other components in place while you solder them. They typically consist of two metal arms with alligator clips that can be adjusted to hold components in place.

  7. Wire Cutters and Strippers Drone Camps Recommends these Wire Cutters and Snips. [ Snips Link ] [ Wire Strips ] Wire cutters and snips are essential tools for any FPV drone builder. They are used to cut and strip wires to the correct length before soldering. Wire strippers are used to remove the outer insulation from the wire, while wire cutters are used to trim the wire to the desired length.

  8. Heat Shrink Tubing Drone Camps Recommends this Heat Shrink Tubing. [ Link ] Heat shrink tubing is a specialized type of tubing that can be used to protect and insulate wires after they have been soldered. It is made from a flexible plastic material that shrinks when exposed to heat. To use heat shrink tubing, you simply slide it over the wire and then apply heat with a heat gun or lighter to shrink the tubing and secure it in place.

  9. Multimeter Drone Camps Recommends this Multimeter. [ Link ] A multimeter is an essential tool for any FPV drone builder. It is used to measure voltage, current, and resistance in electronic circuits. A multimeter can help you troubleshoot problems with your drone and ensure that your electronic components are functioning properly.

  10. Soldering Station Drone Camps Recommends this Soldering Station. [ Link ] A soldering station is a specialized piece of equipment that combines a soldering iron with a temperature control unit and a stand for holding the iron. A good soldering station will provide a stable and consistent source of heat, making it easier to solder delicate electronic components.

  11. Fume Extractor Drone Camps Recommends this Fume Extractor. [ Link ] Soldering produces fumes that can be harmful to breathe in over time. A fume extractor is a specialized tool that is used to remove these fumes from the air and protect the soldering operator. A fume extractor can be a standalone unit or can be integrated into a soldering station.

  12. Tweezers Drone Camps Recommends these Tweezers. [ Link ] Tweezers are essential for any FPV drone builder, as they can be used to handle and position small components during soldering. They are particularly useful when working with surface mount components or other small parts that require precise positioning.

  13. Desoldering Pump ( Solder Sucker ) Drone Camps Recommends this Solder Sucker. [ Link ] Occasionally, you may need to remove solder from a joint to correct a mistake or make a repair. A desoldering pump, also known as a solder sucker, is a specialized tool that is used to remove solder from a joint. It typically consists of a spring-loaded plunger that creates a vacuum to suck the molten solder out of the joint.

  14. Solder Wick Drone Camps Recommends this Solder Wick. [ Link ] Solder wick, also known as desoldering braid, is another tool that can be used to remove solder from a joint. It consists of a flat braided wire that is placed over the joint and heated with a soldering iron. The heat melts the solder, which is then absorbed into the braid.

  15. Anti-Static Mat Drone Camps Recommends this Anti-Static Mat. [ Link ] Static electricity can damage sensitive electronic components, so it is important to work on an anti-static mat when soldering an FPV drone. An anti-static mat is a specialized mat that helps to dissipate static electricity and protect your electronic components.

Soldering an FPV drone requires a good range of tools and equipment to ensure that the electronic components are connected properly and securely. The tools listed in this article, including a soldering iron, solder wire, flux, helping hands, wire cutters and strippers, heat shrink tubing, multimeter, soldering station, third hand, fume extractor, tweezers, desoldering pump, solder wick, and anti-static mat, are essential for anyone who wants to build or maintain an FPV drone.

By having these tools on hand, you will be able to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your drone is built to the highest standards of quality and performance. Having the right tools is everything in the sport of fpv.

Watch all the videos on soldering you can. Good luck on your first solder joints!

More to come in this series on soldering fpv drones.

Article by Justin Davis

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