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REVIEW : DJI Mini 3 Pro Freewell Filters

Freewell Filters for the DJI Mini 3 Pro Review.

Freewell Filters Website here. Retail $69

Full Video Review here by Drone Camps.

Freewell sent us several sets of their new DJI Mini 3 Pro filters. We spent the weekend at Lake Tahoe, California for Labor Day weekend. In this video we test the Bright Day - 6 Pack.


- ND 16/PL

- ND 8/PL

- ND 4/PL


- ND 64/PL

- ND 32/PL

What is an ND Filter?

First before we really get started. I have to welcome you to the wonderful world of ND Filters. If you have never used ND filters on a drone before. It will change the footage you come home with. And with experimentation really give you some stunning, original video and photos. The light changes as the day goes on. To get the best images and video it depends on what you want to produce. Vivid color? Eliminate lens flare and glare? Or add special effects and flare? So many options.

Today we are talking about ND and Circular Polarized Filters.

My favorite and most used filters in the Bright Day 6 Pack is the ND 16/PL.

This filter I use mostly in average Oregon State day of sun. If you are somewhere like Lake Tahoe

with full sun you may find that a ND 64/PL works the best to get you vivid color, contrast, and black point.

For cloudy days they can also bring the sky into focus and look less washed out to white. You will see added depth of field and better horizon to sky contrast.

ND 64/PL Filter that we used in Lake Tahoe.

The next most used filter we liked for getting less glare and highlights on the water was the CPL Filter. This is a filter you can use on your drone when you have too many highlights on the water and glare. A circular polarized filter allows the sensor to see more depth into the water and what is underneath. Also helps reduce glare and flare in aerial shots with your Mini 3 Pro.

Adjusting for Horizontal or Vertical video :

Each filter has a small "H" and "V" on it. And ridges to allow you to grab and turn the white line on the lens frame to the H or V. This allows the best results when shooting either Horizontal or Vertical video.

Overall rating on this product. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

Final Summary

We felt that the product was easy to quickly change to a new filter. I took off .5 stars because once the gimbal gave a weight imbalance warning causing me to have to restart the Mini 3 Pro. But the results we got were better than we expected. I wish we had these filters when we took our Mini 3 Pro to France! If you are planning on taking a Mini 3 Pro on any trip in the future. I highly recommend taking lens filters along with you. You won't regret it. And you will come home with way better video.


- Easy to use.

- 6 pack is enough for most conditions.

- Includes CPL Filter.

- Great color saturation, contrast, and depth of field.

- Includes filter case.

- Under $100.

- Other filter kits available.

Cons :

- Caused Gimbal error on one install.

- Easy to lose. Small.

- We wish we had more of these!

Review and commentary by Justin Davis

of Drone Camps RC, USA.

If you need more help please join our Discord Group here :

Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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