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REVIEW : Eachine Wizard X220 V3 Fpv Drone

Eachine's best selling Fpv Drone is back this year!

Buy an Eachine Wizard X220 V3 :

Justin's Used in the video ; Axis Flying 5" Propellers :

Justin's Recommended 4S 1800mah Battery :

Gemfan 5" Halloween Edition propellers! :

Lumenier Edition - Radiomaster TX16S MKII 4in1 Radio :

Eahine Wizard X220 V3 Manual :

Let's get right to the #dronetruths

The Eachine Wizard X220 V3 is really wanting your attention. But does it deserve your hard earned money? For one we have to get right into the first truth about this 5" fpv racing drone.

#1. It is for absolute beginners.

#2. It is cheap. I mean cheap like Walmart of fpv cheap! But cheap to fix also.

#3 $199 is not going to get you a top shelf quad guys.

#4 It wil fly. And pretty good too!

#5 Will it impress the "cool fpv guys"? Probably not. But who cares! It's fun!

What I experienced with my V3.

The Written review starts here... I LOVE CHEAP THRILLS!!!

My experience withe New Eachine Wizard X220 V3 was opening the cardboard box and revealing a nice white box with a nice photo of the new drone. The box was so small I knew it wasn't an RTF version. Which I wished it was. The box just contained the drone, 2 sets of props, gopro hero 9 Tpu mount, M3 hardware, 2 battery straps, and a pack of zip ties. Next I noticed there was a servo style connector wire coming from the back of the quad. Ahh I said. This is a PNP. Add your own receiver. So I got a R-Xsr and started to snip, and solder mine on. Three wires does it. Yellow for signal wire. 5V is the red wire. And black is the G or ground wire.

After soldering on my receiver I bound it in D16 to my shiny new Lumenier Edition Radiomaster TX16S MKII Radio. I have the 4in1 version. Some quick switches and ISD setup in Betaflight and I was ready to charge my 4S 1800mah batteries and go fly it. The 1800mah batteries will get you 7-8mins flight times.

The first flights

My first flight was smooth. This was also my first time using my Lumenier Radiomaster TX16S MKII Radio. I felt like the sticks were a little tight. I like my sticks loose. After about 30 seconds of flying I noticed the tune on the V3 was quite good. Smooth, soft, and subtle controls. Predictable. Easy swooping lines through the trees and around the parking lot. The flips and rolls were slow. Controlled and not over twitchy. The flight controller did not jerk on return to level. I thought. Ok this is great for the new guys. This is what I would want for my first experience. Something thats not hyper fast and twitchy. High end freestyle fpv drones can be super quick on the throttle and lighting fast on the flips and rolls. This PID tune on the V3 is made for new guys. Well done Eachine. Well done.

So on my second battery is where I really started to go faster and I even went for a power loop over the trees I always tend to crash high up in. I won't normally do that power loop unless I feel "comfy" with a quad and the power. High end motors on 6S send me 70 foot above those trees. You can see in the video today I was coming perfectly around at the right altitude. Nice I nailed my first power loop attempt with the V3. That made me feel good about freestyling a beginner drone. Remember this is not a Catalyst Machineworks race or freestyle beast. I would say it's the Hyundai of quads. 90s Hyundai. Lol. But hey it's $199. What do you want?

My video review of the Eachine Wizard X220 V3

My final thoughts on the V3.

Look. Guys this quad is cheap.

But the things I like are the new 2207 motors. They are smooth and sing when I spool up. Especially with my 5" propellers of choice. I recommend making a mobile out of the props that come in the box. They suck. Have too much amp draw and at the high end of the throttle will give some vibrations in your fpv camera view. Another thing I like is the cost of replacing parts. An entire frame will likely cost around $25. Motors are also cheap and escs. It's the everyday guy's fun quad. What else more do you want for $199?

So if you're not looking to impress any "cool guys" just buy one and enjoy it. if you don't grab the V3 and you're on a budget. Grab the Tyro79 Pro Kit and build one yourself. Have fun. Like I always say. "It is what it is." - The V3 is going to sell like crazy. Cheap, fun, and way better than the previous dumpster fire Wizards. Thank God the Wizard has been reborn.

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Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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