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Austinspired Fpv rips to Victory in Drone Camps FPV Fighter Season 1

Austinspired Fpv rips to freestyle victory in FPV Fighter | Season 1! 🏆

The Drone Camps FPV Fighter Tournament finished with Round 4 tonight. Austinspired FPV emerged as the undisputed champion by public votes. With a super sick performance, Austin secured the Champion FPV Title and won prizes from our sponsors BetaFPV and iFlight RC. This open-to-anyone competition invited pilots with a love for FPV freestyle, FPV wing, or cinema videos to showcase their skills.

Every Friday night, the Drone Camps YouTube Channel live-streamed the thrilling battles between pilots. FPV pilots watching the live stream had the opportunity to vote in real-time during each battle, determining the winner of each round. To enter, pilots simply submitted their videos to the Drone Camps Discord (

In Season 1, Austinspired FPV dominated the competition, winning 3 of the 4 rounds. In tonight's final match, Austin went head-to-head with Snapgarrett FPV and emerged as the ultimate Champion. The crowd was amazed by Austin's video, featuring an industrial bando location and jaw-dropping maneuvers like matty flips, ladder dives, and locked-in trippy spins.

Let's also acknowledge the other talented FPV pilots in this incredible bracket ( SnapGarret Fpv in 2nd place. MonkeyD Fpv in 3rd place. MattyD our rising star 15 year old fpv pilot with massive flow and style. Xflix, PhunquedUp Fpv, AmitFpv, GonzaFpv, Jason Lavarias, eyesuck, Tson Fpv, all did outstanding performances and contributions to the competition tonight.

Big congratulations to Austinspired FPV for the well-deserved victory! The entire FPV community is excited to see what incredible feats you'll bring to the table in the future. See you in Season 2 of FPV Fighter!

See Austin's Winning Video below |

Justin commented - “This competition is about getting people together in our fpv community. Seeing new flying spots, new styles, sick music, and meeting new fpv pilots you didn’t know of before. You will enjoy what you see. Come hang out with us in a relaxed casual competition. It’s new, fresh, and everyone is super friendly. Austin inspired us all. And that is Fpv … We love it.“

SEASON 1 WINNER / CHAMPION : Austinpired Fpv

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