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AIKON GEEK 35C Cinewhoop Review

Is AIKON a GEPRC and iFlight RC Competitor?

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Where do we go from here?

For the past 5 years. Geprc and iFlight RC have been at it. They have been in a brutal competition to make the best BNF and PNP micros, 3", 3.5", 4", 5", 6", and long range 7" drones. No other battle in the FPV industry has been so brutal. Both iFlight and Geprc have been nothing but consistent. The fpv community majority will agree that they have produced some of the best BNF quads. So where do we go from here?

It looks like we may have a new competitor on the block.

Introducing AIKON.

AIKON shows up in the end of August early September with the GEEK 35CF. A 3.5" cinewhoop that looks very sleek. Low profile design. For industry standards a very sleek concept. It's just great to look at. It sits literally mm off the bench. The prop guards are individual replaceable 2mm 3K carbon fiber. Each prop guard has a TPU bumper support holding it in place. They also give you 3M sticky pads to add around the perimeter of the quad.

Which should help in the durability of the cinewhoop. The video system on mine is the Caddx Vista with a Nebula Pro Camera. The box came neatly packed with an inflated plastic wrap around the cinewhoop. The box itself felt very light for it's size.

WEIGHT and Size Comparison.

GEEK 35CF weight = 223 grams ( no battery ).

Includes Gopro Size Mount.

Battery : 6S

138mm Frame Size

Flight Controller : F7

ESCs : 60A

Price : $409 HD Version.

Geprc Cinelog35 = 258 grams. ( no battery ).

Includes Gopro Size Mount.

Battery : 6S

142mm Frame Size

Flight Controller : F7

ESCs : 45A

Price : $425.99 HD Version.

AIKON Geek 35 CF out of the box seems to be a sliced down version of the beasty cinewhoops we have been seeing. Sitting next to the Geprc Cinelog35 it looks like half of the mass of it. But the weight of both of these quads will surprise you. The GEEK 35 CF is only 35 grams less than the Geprc Cinelog35. So the Cinelog is light for it's size. But the GEEK 35 CF wins for design award and looks.

Performance and Durability

We have gotten used to flying cinewhoops that are super durable and tough as nails. Now let's talk some #dronetruths. The truth is the prop guards will break in a normal crash. Even in grass. We will test this further. but currently we can only find entire frame kits available for purchase. We are hoping they release the prop guard parts for purchase. Having to buy a whole new frame for a few parts is not what we like to see. While it does look better than the Geprc Cinelog35 the GEEK 35 CF will break on a crash. The Cinelog 35's prop guards are more durable.

The performance is really high. Higher performance than other cinewhoops this size on the market. Can it out perform the Cinelog 35? The answer is no. Both the Cinelog35 and the GEEK 35 CF use F7 Flight Controllers.

But the tune on the GEEK 35 CF is not quite as smooth and locked in as the Cinelog 35. The GEEK 35 CF Freestyle test was super fun. Right away on the sticks I noticed the loose, and flippy tune. The sticks felt fast and precise. Very nimble and quick turns. I found myself over rotating at times on my flips and rolls. So the rates are pretty high. Not great for an acro trainer for beginner pilots. The tune is more for advanced fpv pilots. But was it perfectly tuned? No. It did blow out and jerk to the left or right over compensating on hard tricks at high speeds. Also a flight controller kick back on a hard yaw snap. Causing the quad to quickly jerk to the opposite direction. In a moment I was able to correct the flight path. But it does blow out. but it performed well in big tree dives. It did not blow out. So in comparison the Cinelog35 handles those same high speed freestyle tricks without the kick back from the flight controller. The tune is better on the Cinelog35.

Watch our video review and flight tests below. - Please Subscribe.

Summary - The future of AIKON and USA drone market?

AIKON seems to be a company with great design, performance, and future for the PNP market. As remote ID in the USA comes into effect on Sept. 16th.

We will see mostly PNP type quads coming available to buy. You will probably have to solder on your own receivers. We will help with that process on the channel for our viewers. Remote ID won't be the end of fpv as we know it. So we will focus on what is available. AIKON seems to be an exciting company with great design and engineering. We will have to see and further test to see how the QC quality control holds up. I am suspect to the FC adn ESCs. But time will tell. Anything new has me suspect. But there was a time when Geprc and iFlight were new and quality was low for them too. I remember when Geprc and iFlight were a one room office with just a few people. For the long term it's all about hard work, QC, customer support, and consistency. Both iFlight and Geprc have proved to be industry standards. Can AIKON compete?

We will see. Great start with this release. We do like it.

4.2 Stars out of 5.

Performance : 4.5

Quality : 4.2

Durability : 3.0

Design : 5.0

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Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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