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60+ Essential Fpv Tools Shopping List

60+ Essential Tools for Fpv Pilots 🍕

Building and maintaining an FPV drone requires a variety of tools. Here is a list of 60+ essential tools that an FPV pilot should have. This list is a compilation of tools used by Justin Davis over 10 years flying fpv drones.

60+ Tools is a DC Fpv Community Shopping List that will update and grow over time. If you would like to add to the list you can make a comment below to help others. 👍

Convenient Links to each tool below, Yes they are affiliate.

If you use our links it helps keep the DC channel going. - Thank you! Links are from GetFpv and others.

  1. Soldering iron we like the Sequre Portable Iron. - Link here.

  2. Screwdrivers ; Mini Size Set - Link here.

  3. Pliers - Link here.

  4. Wire cutters - Link here.

  5. Digital Multimeter - Banggood

  6. D6 Lipo charger. Justin's Favorite. - Link here.

  7. ETHIX Wrench Tool : for removing propellers. - Link here.

  8. Bamboo Skewers for binding receivers. *** Do not use paperclips!

  9. Build Tweezers - Link here.

  10. Shrink Wrap Bundle ; all sizes- Link here.

  11. Portable power bank for field use. - Link here.

  12. Mini Drill and drill bits for carbon frames. - Link here.

  13. All sizes of Black Zip ties - Link here.

  14. Razor Blades, Box Cutter, and X-Acto blades

  15. Needle nose pliers - Link here.

  16. Jumper wires - Link here.

  17. 60/40 Solder - Link here, Lumenier here.

  18. Hex Allen Driver Set - Link here.

  19. Heat shrink tubing - Link here.

  20. Foam rubber

  21. Electrical connectors

  22. Velcro straps & 2" Sticky Velcro - Link here.

  23. Double-sided sticky tape - Link here.

  24. Extra Silicone wire for builds. ( Not plastic ) - Link here.

  25. Mini Heat Shrink gun "for heatshrink" - Link here.

  26. Flux Paste - Link here.

  27. Rosin-core solder - Link here.

  28. Helping Hands for hold things to solder. - Banggood, GetFpv.

  29. Solder practice pcb boards - Link here.

  30. XT30 and XT60 Connectors - XT30s here, Xt60s here.

  31. Extra Battery Lead / 10 AWG Wire - Link here.

  32. Solder extractor pen, Soldering Iron, Toolbox Kit - Link here.

  33. Bench power supply - Link here.

  34. Solder Tip Cleaner - Link here.

  35. Silicone cutting mat - Link here.

  36. Snips / Flush cut pliers - Link here.

  37. Diagonal cutters - Link here.

  38. Antistatic wrist strap - Link here.

  39. Servo wires of all lengths - Link here.

  40. Antistatic tweezers - Link here.

  41. CA Glue & Portable Hot Glue Gun - Glue Gun here, CA Glue here.

  42. Digital Calipers - Link here.

  43. Digital Scale that measure grams - Link here.

  44. Blue Loctite - Buy @Automtove Stores

  45. Paint Marker - Michaels Store

  46. Sharpie Marker - Buy Anywhere.

  47. Microfiber cloth - Buy@ Dollar Store

  48. Tool box or organizer ( We like to try to keep as small as possible ). - Link to a good toolbox here.

  49. 3M VHB Tape ( this stuff is amazing.) - Buy @ Home Depot

  50. Blenderm Surgical Tape for Fpv Wing builders. ( Incredible stuff )

  51. Landing Pad ( Great for rainy days or dusty spots ) - Banggood, GetFpv.

  52. Lipo Safe Bags - Bangood, GetFpv, Deluxe Ethix Bag.

  53. 2mm and 3mm Hardware Packs for replacement bolts - M2 here. M3 Here.

  54. Charger leads ; Xt30 and Xt60 - Xt30 here, Xt60 Here.

  55. 3D Printer for making parts. Justin uses this New Ender Printer. - Link here.

  56. TPU / Best Filament for making camera mounts, bumpers, Etc. - Link here.

  57. Small parts organizer bins - Link here

  58. Smoke Stopper ; Use after a new build. Avoid destroying it. - Link here.

  59. Solder Smoke Desk Fan. "DO NOT breath solder smoke it causes lung cancer." - Link here.

  60. Fpv Backpack - Premium here, Budget here.

  61. Lumenier Desktop Tool Rack - Link here.

Having these tools on hand will make it easier to build and maintain your FPV drone. At Drone Camps RC, we understand the importance of having the right tools and equipment for FPV flying. Our team is always available to answer questions and provide advice on the best products for your specific needs. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced FPV pilot, Drone Camps RC is here to help you get the most out of your flying experience.

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