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2023 Guide to Fpv & Drone Acronyms

150+ FPV Acronym & Fpv Slang Phrases.

This is a "text version" of our Youtube video

This list will update. Refresh the page to see the latest version.

2.4Ghz - Refers to the most popular radio frequency

used in the RC Hobby.

5.8Ghz - Refers to the most popular analog fpv video signal.

915Mhz - Frequency used mostly for ERLS long range flying

900Mhz - TBS Crossfire frequency.

1.3Ghz - Alternate frequency for video systems.

107 - Refers to having a commercial drone flight certificate.

250g - The standard aircraft weight needs to be under to not

be registered with the FAA or have remote id.

Sub250g - Under 250 grams

16x16 - Size for micro nano sized FC, Vtx, and ESCs.

20x20 - Refers to millimeter size of flight controller or escs.

25x25 - Common whoop size Aio.

30x30 - Refers to millimeter size of flight controller or escs.

2mm - Common size micro quad bolts.

3mm - Most common sized metric bolt.

4in1 - Meaning all 4 ESCs are on one board. Can be 30x30

And 20x20.

AIO - All in one. Refers to flight controller and escs sold together.

Sometimes includes vtx in analog setups.

Ac - Alternating current

ACRO - The art of flying with minimal accelerometer help.

Yes Acro does have some accelerometer in it. Smooths it out for you.

ARF - Almost ready to fly.

ATTI Mode - Flying with no GPS position hold or lock. Altitude hold still active.

AGL - Above ground level. Or HAGL ; height above ground level.

AP - Aerial Photography.

Autopilot - Automated flying System. Non human controlled flight.

Betaflight - Most popular open source GUI for fpv drone setup, tuning, vtx, radio escs, motors, osd, cli, modes, Etc.

BEC - Battery Emulator Circuit. Low voltage cut off. Also used to down step voltage power the flight controller for safe operation.

Bando - Short for abandoned. Abandoned building or places for flying fpv.

Bind - The act of connecting your receiver to your radio.

Band - The main frequency spectrum where 8 channels reside.

Examples : A, B, E, F, R.

BVLOS - Beyond visual line of sight.

BT2.0 - Betafpv battery connector. Usually 1S.

CG - Center of gravity.

Channel : Refers to a single video "channel". 8 Channels in each Band.

CRSF - CRSF is a proprietary TBS communication protocol between the Crossfire and R/C and Flight Control. It provides ultra-low latency with incredible bandwidth

OSD - Onscreen Display. Text that appears on your fpv goggles.

ESC - Electronic Speed Control. Control your motor speed etc.

EIS - Electronic Stabilization, Often used in Cameras.

FC - Flight Controller. Also known as FCB. Flight control board.

PIDS - Proportional, Integral, and Derivative Gains on an FC.

KV - refers to the constant velocity of a **motor** (not to be confused with “kV” the abbreviation for kilovolt)

So a Kv rating for motor tells the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) when a given volt is supplied.

ELEV - Elevator. Usually seen in TAER or AETR radio settings.

AIL - Airleon, Referred to in radio settings.

RUD - Rudder, Refered to in radio settings.

THR - Throttle, Referred to in radio settings.

EXPO - Exponential - Drone’s radio setting to increase or decrease stick

sensitivity around the center of the stick. Making soft or quicker controls.

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FS - Failsafe. When your drone loses receiver and radio connection.

Firmware - Operating software code on electronic hardware.

Dive - Act of diving an object while flying fpv.

DC - Drone Camps ; also known as direct current.

DSM - Digital Spectrum Modulation

DShot - Popular ESC Protocol.

BLHeli32 - ESC Protocol.

RX - Drone Receiver

DJI - Da Jiang Innovation. Maker of DJI Drones.

ELRS - Long range very popular open source radio protocol.

TBS - Team Black Sheep. Makers of long range system called Crossfire.

F1, F3, F4, G4, F7, H7 - Flight Controller Processors.

Flow - Style of flying from one trick to the next with smooth or planned movements.

Fpv - First Person view. Referring to video system from the camera on a drone to the goggles.

Fw - Firmware. Can be on many things. Not just drone related.

GCS - Ground Control Station. Used in long range with large LR antennas, receiver, and usually a tripod.

GNB - Manufacturer of batteries

GPS - Global Positioning System

GND - Ground. Negative - pad on a ESC or flight controller.

5v - 5 volt. 5V tab on many receivers and flight controllers.

Gyro - Gyroscope. Sensor used to keep an aircraft level on 3 axis.

HDFpv - Refers to digital fpv systems. DJI, Walksnail, and HDZero.

HDZero - Popular Open source HD fpv system.

HEXA - Refers to a Hexarotor. Or a Hextacopter. Drone with 6 motors.

Horizon Mode - Mode that allows a complete flip or roll but helps

with some stability to a certain degree.

OCTO - Refers to a drone with 8 motors.

Y - Multirotor configuration in the shape of a “Y”.

X8 - Multirotor with 8 motors on an X frame. But one motor on top. One on Bottom. Used for heavy lifting cinema cameras or payloads. Space saving design with great power.

I2C - Inter integrated Circuit. This allows several sensors to be connected.

IMU - Internal Measurement Unit. Sensor board that sends data back to the flight controller.

CAM - Refers to the fpv camera. Or onboard cinema camera.

Mah - A Milliampere Hour. 1000th of an Ampere hour. (Ah)

Seen often describing a battery size. Example : 2S 3000mah.

1S, 2S, 3S, 4S,

5S, 6S, 8S, 12S - Refers to battery size. S means “cell”. How many

Cells in each battery represented by the number and the following S.

KK - Kaptein Kuk Designer of a flight controller from 2012 era.

Sometimes heard in chat as KK2 and also KK2.0

SimonK - 2014 era ESCs.

CF - Cleanflight. Pre-Betaflight quad configurator.

JR Module - Standardized external transmitter module. Used commonly for

swapping Rx protocols.

JST - Smaller battery connector for smaller quads or components.

Usually red. With - and + cables only.

JST-SH - Smaller connector for multiple types of low current

and signal wires.

Jello - Refers to the horizontal or vertical wavy lines or distortion in

Recorded video or fpv camera.

JB - Joshua Bardwell.

Karen - A person who verbally or physically harasses you for flying your drone.

IPEX - Smaller connector for many receiver and video transmitter antennas.

Interchangeable with U.FL.

Micro - Refers to smaller size quads. 2” and below.

MMCX - Larger connector. More robust than IPEX. But not suited for tiny applications.

LC Filter - Inductor Capacitor. Filter circuit used on drones that helps clean up a video signal resulting from power cables that introduce static noise into a video feed.

LED - Light Emitting Diode. Low voltage form of ultra bright light.

LHCP - Left hand circular polarized. Drone pilots match these antennas on their drones and fpv goggles. If you mix you may find bad results! LHCP is used by DJI Goggles and Video transmitters.

RHCP - Right hand circular polarized. The opposite polarization of LHCP.

The most widely used antennas in the drone hobby.

LiHV - High voltage lithium polymer. Charges to 4.35v per cell. Lipo charged to 4.2 per cell. Don’t charge a Lipo as an LiHv!

Li-Ion - Lithium Ion. Lower discharge rate than lipo batteries. But has a higher energy density which means they can fly for longer distances. Li-Ions do not like high amp draw. So be careful and do not use these to freestyle fly.

Lipo - Lithium Polymer battery. High discharge rate for quick powerful bursts of energy but has less flight time than a Li-ion. Not used for long range usually.

LOS - Line of sight. Flying by looking at your drone with your eyes. Not through your fpv goggles.

Loiter - Flight mode that allows the aircraft to circle the home point at a set

distance. Usually needs GPS data to function.

LQ - Link quality. Refers to the quality of link from your receiver to your radio.

MAG - Magnometer. Electronic compass used for a flight controller.

Mode 1

Mode 2 - Refers to radio stick setup. Mode 1 is throttle on the right. Mode 2 is North American setup with throttle on the left.

MTOW - Maximum take off weight.

NANO - Refers to small size fpv quad.

NOTAM - FAA Notice to all airmen. Unclassified announcements. Referring to a flight hazard or change to flight operations.

NFZ - NO Fly Zone. Where you can’t fly your drone!

TOW - Take off weight.

OAS - Obstacle Avoidance System.

PIC - Pilot in Command of a drone operation.

P - Battery cells in Parallel.

PH2.0 - 1S battery connector for tiny whoops.

Pack - Short for a battery. Let’s go fly a pack.

PCB - Power Circuit board. Used for FC, Esc, Vtx, Tx, Rx,

PDB - Power distribution board. Board used to distribute current to

Various components that make up a drone.

PNP - Plug and play. Refers to a drone for sale with no receiver.

BNF - Drone for sale that comes with a receiver.

Polarization - Signal path and direction of travel. RHCP etc.

Proximity flying - At of flying close.

Range flying - Act of flying at a further distance.

RIP - Flying fast, hard, or with style.

Pitot Tube - Tube that intakes air and pressure to measure speed and display

on OSD.

Punch out - Quick full throttle action to make the drone fly straight up.

Power Loop - Performing a full loop over and under something. Usually with speed. Involves a gap large or small.

Prop wash - Unstable airflow where the drone flies though it’s own propeller airflow creating an unstable flight.

PWM - Pulse width modulation. 3 signals used to control servos and speed controllers. Used commonly on fpv planes.

Quad - Short for Quadcopter or fpv drone.

Rate - RC rates. Numbers that control how fast your drone flips and rolls.

RC - Radio Control. Used to describe the entire “RC” hobby.

Drone Camps “RC”

RDQ - Race Day Quads - Popular online fpv retailer owned by Tyler Brennan.

FPV Freedom Coalition : Group based on protecting the flying rights of all fpv pilots. We should all donate for support and legal fees protecting fpv. Website here :

RF - Radio Frequency.

RPM - Revolutions per minute.

RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indication. Refers to the number from

0 meaning none. To 100 meaning full signal from receiver to an RC radio.

RTF - Ready to fly. Refers to buying something with everything you need to fly.

RTH - Return to home. Refers to automated GPS return to home point.

RTH may or may not land. Some RTH only circles the home point. While others return and land.

RTL - Return to land. Defined automated return to the home point and automates the landing to surface level.

Rx - Radio receiver. Or on a flight controller for the a specific UART tab.

Known as RX. This can be R1, R2, Etc.

SAT - Refers to satellites.

See and Avoid - Act of quickly lowering or landing your RC aircraft or flying to a safe height away from any manned aircraft. I like practice HAV also ; Hear and Avoid.

Send it - The act of flying a long distance. Or fast.

Scraggle - Unseen tree branches that crash your quad.

SA - Smart audio. Used for making changes in the fpv goggles to change your video transmitter, power, channel, pids, or camera settings.

SBUS - Serial communication protocol that blends up to 16 channels into a single wire. Changed the game for fpv drones and made RX much smaller.

SMA - Subminiature version A. Coaxial Connector for antennas on goggles or vtx. Can be male and female.

RP-SMA - Reverse polarity SMA. Can also have female and male connections.

Pin or no pin.

STACK - Flight controller and ESC setup. Sometimes a VTX

Can be in the “stack”.

TAER - Radio setup typically used in Crossfire setups in Betaflight receiver tab.

Telemetry - Data displayed on your radio or fpv goggles sending you information on aircraft like battery level, gps info, rssi, cell voltage, etc.

Tiny Whoop - Micro size fpv quads. Started by the King Jesse Perkins.

TX - Transmitter. Or radio. Also can be the signal tab on a flight controller for the transmitting data in a serial connection.

TVL - TV lines. Refers to fpv cam resolution.

Turtle Mode - Mode that helps flip your quad over to upright position.

UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter.

Serial communication port. Found on flight controllers to add various

Quad components. Rx, vtx, gps, etc.

UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

U.FL - Smaller connector found on tiny whoops.

VTOL - Vertical take off and landing.

VTX - Video transmitter. Device on the quad that sends a signal back

to your fpv goggles antenna receiver to display an image.

XT30 - Smaller connector used on typically 2-4s drones.

Connector is on the battery and on the quad. One male. One female.

XT60 - Standard size battery connector for quads with usually

3S, 4S, and 6S batteries. Found on 3”,4”, and 5” drones.

XT90 - Larger connector for large batteries from 3S to 8S batteries.

8 gauge wire commonly used. Found on larger aircraft.

Yaw - Movement of the aircraft on the horizontal Z axis. Right and left. Associated with Rudder. Example trick : Yaw snap. Quick yaw turn in a 180º.

WOT - Wide open throttle.

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Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

Updated January 2023. Further updates will apply

at later dates on this page. Refresh the page to see

the latest updates.

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