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2023 Best Radios for Fpv Drones

Buying the right radio in 2023.

In the hobby of FPV drones, choosing the right radio is critical to having smoothest and easiest fpv experience. With so many options in the fpv market, it can be hard to choose the best radio for your needs. In his recent best 2023 fpv drone radios video, Justin Davis shares his top picks for the best radios for FPV drones in 2023. Below are the Top 5 Picks so far by Justin Davis and the DC Fpv Community as seen in this poll. The #1 Choice is by Justin. But the Radiomaster Boxer did win the Award for Community Favorite!

Links to radios in this article

1. Radiomaster TX16S 4in1 MAX Radio :

2. Radiomaster Boxer 1W Radio

Radiomaster Site :

3. TBS Tango 2 Radio :

4. Radiomaster Zorro Radio :

5. BetaFpv Lite Radio 3 Pro :

DC Fpv Community Poll : Results as of today.

2023 Best Fpv Radios by Justin

& Drone Camps Fpv Community

Radiomaster TX16s MKII: This radio is the successor of the original TX16s and has been improved in terms of design and functionality. It has a price range of $199 to $275 and has a frequency range 1-10 miles. Expandable battery life with the new Radiomaster 2S 6200mah battery. Full overview in the video.

Radiomaster Boxer: This radio is known for its compact size and user-friendly interface. It made it's debut in early 2023 and has quickly become a favorite with youtubers and pilots. The Boxer has a price range of $99 to $139 and has a frequency range of 1 - 10 miles and beyond with ELRS and 4in1 Multi-protocol versions. We suggest getting the ELRS version and adding the Radiomaster Ranger Module. Expandable battery life with the new Radiomaster 2S 6200mah battery. Direct swappable AG01 CNC Metal Gimbals are now available. The AG01 gimbals also are compatible with the TX16S and TX16S Mark II.

TBS Tango 2 : This radio is designed for long range pilots is currently priced at $199. It has a frequency range of 900mhz and a longer range compared to other radios depending on your setup. ELRS was just tested to have a range past 100km. 🍕

#4 Radiomaster Zorro : This radio is designed with the beginner in mind and is easy to use. It has current price of $99 and has a frequency range of 1 to 10 Miles +. ELRS and 4in1 Versions. Con : Battery life is only 1-2 hours. More details on the Zorro radio in the 2023 best radios video. 👍 Great choice but with some set backs. We talk about the pros and the cons. 🍕

#5 Betafpv Lite Radio 3 Pro : This radio is a cost-effective option for those looking for a quality radio at a lower price point. It has a price range of $89 to $99 and has a ELRS frequency range of 1-3 miles.

Justin Davis helps the FPV community by thoroughly testing each radio and providing clear video explanations of their strengths and weaknesses. He also provides tips on how to get the most out of each radio, making it easier for users to choose the best option for their needs.

For more information and a detailed look at each of these radios, check out the 2023 best radios for fpv drones video :

Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a beginner, this video will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on which radio is right for you.

If you need more help please join our Discord Group here :

Article by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC on Youtube. ® Rights Reserved 2023.

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