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FAA and DOT Propose rules for commercial drone operators!

FAA and DOT Announce proposed rules for sUAS


Audio Link:

FAA News Conference on Proposed UAV Rules:

See the proposed rules on the FAA website at


Secretary Anthony Fox

announced the FAA’s proposed UAV Rules.

Small UAV rules.

Keeping the American people safe.

Two safety issues:

Well clear of other aircraft

Clear of airports and approach paths

Must weight less than 55lbs.

No flying at night

Rules to do not apply with recreational RC use.

The set of rules applies to commercial UAV uses.

Michael Wersa:

6 Test sites opened for commercial testing

This is just the first step in outlining the framework for unmanned aircraft.

Opening utility inspections, academics, research, wildlife conservation, farming, bridge inspections,

search and rescue, aerial photos, film, news and tv, and real estate or other commercial endeavors.

This is a proposal and not an active rule as of today but will be available when the rule

passes. Commercial operators at this point must still go through the current process for exemptions.

This set of rules does not effect model aircraft or hobby use.

The FAA does ask that we visit the website for safety rules of conduct.

A few of the proposed rules for commercial use are:

Pilots to be 17 or older

Cost of the exam: $200-$300 dollars

55lbs or under

100mph speed limit

500ft altitude.

Restricted near airports

Must be able to see the RC aircraft

NO pilot license required.

NO need for air worthiness certificate

Must operate within line of sight

Operating in areas deemed open to flying

NO requirement for medical exams

They are still asking the public to respond for comments

for the proposed rules.

Anthony Fox:

What is the expected time frame for this new set of rules to go into effect:

Anthony Fox stated that they will make it very accessible to people wanting to get a certification

for commercial use.

As stated before this does not affect hobby or recreational use but does

hold hobbyists to the general rules of conduct found on the FAA website.

Information and links:

NPRM Link:

FAA News Release:

FAA Overview of the proposed rule making

FAA Fact Sheet

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