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DJI recalls the v3.10 Update + Updated iOS App Available v1.0.48



There have been a small number of reported issues with the latest Phantom firmware, v3.10. In response to these reports, DJI has proactively suspended this firmware update.

If you already updated your Phantom firmware to v3.10, please reset your firmware to the prior version (v3.08) immediately. To do this, connect your Phantom to your PC, launch the DJI Phantom Assistant software, and follow the standard procedures for updating your firmware.V3.08 has now been designated as the latest version, and your Phantom will be reset.

If you have not yet updated your Phantom firmware to v3.10, and your current firmware version is v3.08, no action is necessary.

If you are running an older Phantom firmware version, DJI suggests that you update to v3.08 now.

Check your firmware status and apply any available updates by connecting your Phantom to your PC, launching the DJI Phantom Assistant software, and clicking “Upgrade”.

iOS Note: Some iOS users have reported issues when using Phantom firmware (v3.08) with the iOS VISION app (v1.0.46). To address this issue, the iOS app has been updated and is now available in the App Store. If you require the VISION app to fly safely, please update to the latest version (v1.0.48) before flying. No update is required for the Android version of the VISION app.

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