• Vaterra 1/10 1969 Camaro SS Brushless 4WD RTR, V10

    Vaterra 1/10 1969 Camaro SS Brushless 4WD RTR, V10

    Green. Tires scream as 396 cubic inches of big block aggression comes off the leash. Your neck muscles tense as acceleration pins you to the seat and hurls you forward. The edges of your vision bends into a blur. Your heart pounds. All you see in the rearview mirror is a cloud of white smoke and two lines of molten rubber rapidly fading into the distance. Such was the scene at many a traffic light when the 1969 Camaro SS first hit America’s streets. Even today, the sight and sound of a ’69 SS easing up to the line can send chills down the spine of anyone who loves muscle car legends.

    The Vaterra® 1969 Camaro SS sport coupe is less an RC car and more a statement of intent. Like its legendary inspiration, its aggressive lines and awesome power make it abundantly clear it was built to misbehave. Equipped with a Dynamite® 3300Kv brushless power system and 3000mAh 2S Li-Po, it can blow the doors off most cars in its class, right out of the box. But straight line speed isn’t all it has going for it. A low center of gravity, double wishbone suspension, wide tires and shaft-driven 4WD give you all the traction and control you need to carve the corners too.

    *For complete details on waterproof standards, please refer to the product instruction manual.

    Key Features

    AVC Technology Compatible Learn More
    Officially Licensed 1969 Camaro SS Body
    Metal Shaft-Driven 4WD
    Low Profile Tires on Large Diameter Wheels
    Waterproof Electronics*
    Dynamite® 3300Kv Brushless Power System
    Dynamite® 3000mAh 2S Li-Po and charger (Included battery not available separately. Please see parts listing for battery options)
    Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter with Batteries Included
    Sealed Gear Boxes
    Oil filled Shocks
    Double Wishbone Suspension
    Full Ball Bearing Drivetrain
    Wheels are interchangeable with most HPI and Tamiya wheels **

    Needed To Complete:
    Nothing! All in one box!

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