Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera and VTX
  • Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera and VTX

    Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera and VTX

    Stick this micro FPV Cam on anything and fire up your Goggles!


    This amazing bit of Spektrum™ technology is perfect for ultra micro aircraft. It combines an FPV camera, transmitter and antenna into a single unit no bigger than a thimble. It’s compatible with Fat Shark and other popular FPV headsets equipped with analog 5.8GHz receivers.

    Installation is easy and can be done in seconds. No soldering or special skills are required. You simply attach it to your model and plug in a 1S battery (sold separately). A Y-harness connector is included if you want to eliminate the weight of a separate battery and power the camera with the same 1S flight battery that powers the aircraft.

    Digital Head Tracking Available :
    Even though the VA1100 is a fixed-position camera, you can pan and tilt your field of view when you use it with a compatible FPV headset that features digital head tracking technology. Special sensors and software in these headsets allow you to look around the environment your model is flying through without the need for a gimbal camera mount. It’s just one more way Spektrum FPV technology lets you have more fun with fewer hassles.

    Tech Notes:

    You will need...
    1S Li-Po Battery
    5.8GHz FPV Headset or Monitor

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    # of Channels: 7
    Modulation: Analog NTSC
    Band: 5.8GHz
    Experience Level: Beginner