• NEW - DJI H4-3D Gimbal for GoPro Hero 4

    DJI Zenmuse H4‐3D 

    Brand: DJI
    Product Code: Zenmuse-H43D

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    Forget shaky, unusable aerial footage. Fly your GoPro Hero4 Black with this gimbal and capture smooth, stable content like never before. Your camera is stabilized to prevent unwanted roll, tilt, and pan motions, giving you the confidence to fly difficult maneuvers and get the shots you want.


    Simply mount the gimbal to your flight platform, attach your camera, and you’re ready to fly. Your H4‐3D gimbal is calibrated and pre‐programmed to work right out of the box.

    Whether you’re flying a DJI Phantom 2 or other platform, the H4‐3D is compatible. Use a DJI A2, WooKong‐M, or NAZA‐M flight controller on any Flame Wheel for the highest level of customization.*

    *The H4‐3D gimbal comes customized for the DJI Phantom 2. If you want to use it with the DJI Flame Wheel or other platform with DJI flight controllers, the independent GCU module is required. Note NAZA‐M LITE is not supported, and a NAZA‐M V2 PMU must be used if using a NAZA‐M V1 flight.

    No gimbal can stabilize a camera without tracking how your aircraft is being tilted and moved in real time. That’s why the H4‐3D has its own integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) constantly collecting precise information and feeding it to the gimbal. This IMU tells the gimbal exactly how you’re moving in the sky and how much countering force is required to keep your camera still, every millisecond.

    Engineered to add a minimal amount of payload weight to your flight platform, the H4‐3D maximizes flight time without sacrificing quality. By combining a compact yet high strength aluminum body and very durable.
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      The Zenmuse H4‐3D gimbal is customized for the

      DJI Phantom 2 and does not include the optional

      Gimbal Control Unit (GCU). If you want to use it

      with other DJI flight controllers and flight

      platforms, the independent GCU module is

      required and sold separately.

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