• LOSI - 1/8 LST XXL-2 4WD Gas Monster Truck RTR

    1/8 LST XXL-2 4WD Gas Monster Truck RTR with AVC™ Technology (LOS04002)

    The Losi® LST XXL™ 2 takes the proven LST platform and adds an innovative .31 cubic inch GASOLINEengine, the AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) driving system and a whole lot more. Losi’s LST XXL 2 occupies a class of its own with waterproof electronics, ultra-durable suspension and oversized shocks all of which is built on the trusted XXL extended chassis. The driving capabilities of the LST XXL 2 are complimented by the AVC technology system. AVC automatically adjusts the driving characteristics of the LST XXL2 to match its ferocious power so you can drive faster with more control. Not only will you rarely find yourself far from a full tank of gas, but the included roto-start system ensures the LST XXL is only seconds away from starting up. With advanced durability and legendary Losi 4WD performance, little stands in the way of you and all-out RC excitement when you’re in command of the LST XXL 2.

    The included power plant in the LST XXL 2 is a high-performance gasoline engine that has been designed for peak performance. Requires the use of Dynamite High Performance Small Block 2-Cycle Oil. One 282cc bottle treats one gallon of gasoline for a 14:1 premix ratio. Dynamite High Performance Small Block 2-Cycle Oil must be used in a 14:1 premix ratio with Dynamite .31 Gas Engine (5.1cc).

    Key Features :

    AVC (Active Vehicle Control) Equipped
    Innovative .31 cubic inch GASOLINE engine
    AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) equipped
    Full 4WD capabilities
    Waterproof electronics
    Extended length XXL chassis with red anodized chassis plates
    Ultra-durable suspension and oversized shocks
    Spektrum™ DX2E DSMR™ 2.4GHz radio system Included
    Comes equipped with a convenient roto-start tool
    Needed To Complete

    91 or higher octane gasoline
    Gasoline-approved dispensing container
    7.2V 6-Cell NiMH stick battery pack and charger for spin-start
    LiPo charger for included 2S LiPo receiver pack

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