• LOSI - 1/10 22T 2.0 2WD Stadium Truck Race Kit

    LOSI - 1/10 22T 2.0 2WD Stadium Truck Race Kit (TLR03004)

    * This is a kit.

    Key Features :

    Updated suspension geometry
    22™ 2.0 caster blocks with 22T™ 2.0-specific spindles
    Wider rear arms for easier direction changes
    Gen II shocks with machined piston and x-ring seals
    Bell crank steering system for smoother response at every speed
    Hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
    Updated ball differential with tungsten carbide balls and larger diff rings
    TiCN shock shaft, inner hinge pins, and outer threaded hinge pins
    Hard-mount battery holder
    New, narrower rear hex with less wheel off-set
    Heavy Duty Turnbuckles throughout
    Mid- and rear-motor completion parts included
    Metric hardware


    The 22T™ 2.0 kit continues to build on the championship-winning 22™ platform with a host of new features that make it easy for competitors of all experience levels to drive fast. Updates include advanced suspension geometry adapted from the 22 2.0 buggy, a new bell-crank steering system, Gen II shocks with X-ring seals and a thoroughly refined ball differential with tungsten carbide diff balls. You also get popular option parts as well as hardware for both mid- and rear-motor configurations.

    Updated Suspension Geometry

    New suspension geometry makes the 22T™ 2.0 truck easy to drive, and drive fast. It combines castor blocks from the 22™ 2.0 buggy with 22T 2.0-specific spindles so it’s easier to drive around center. This combination also lets the rear end squat under throttle for better acceleration. Wider rear arms and a narrower hex with less off-set make for easier direction changes and quicker releases from the turns.

    Gen II 12mm Big Bore Shocks

    The Gen II shocks keep operating friction to a minimum without leaking or weeping oil. This keeps suspension response consistent and significantly reduces maintenance. They deliver a plush ride near the top of their travel but still provide plenty of bottoming resistance when landing big jumps.
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