• Freefly TERO + MōVI M5 Bundle

    TERO + MōVI M5 Bundle
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    Combine the mobility of the Freefly TERO, with the stability of the MōVI M5 to create dynamic and captivating camera moves with your DSLR camera package. This package is designed to work with cameras like the Sony A7S, Canon 5D, and a host of other cameras listed on our camera compatibility chart.

    The Freefly TERO represents an entirely new way to move a camera. The system allows users to create dynamic low angle moves as well as smooth, precise, dolly like moves. The TERO uses a wire rope isolation system to remove all high frequency vibrations from the image.

    TERO Features

    Vibration Isolation - Advanced wire rope isolators tuned for thisunique application ensure amazing shot stability, even in the most demanding environments.
    Aluminum mounting Cheeseplate - The TERO features a robust and adaptable cheeseplate to quickly mount your MōVI and all accessories.
    Incredible perspective - The TERO can move the camera into situations that simply would not be safe for a human. Put the camera in the middle of a stunt scene while maintaining complete control and stability.
    Brushless Motor - The TERO features a high performance brushless motor which translates to long run times and incredible peak power.

    TERO + MōVI M5 Bundle Includes:

    Freefly TERO
    Radio Transmitter
    TERO Battery
    Assorted Tools for the TERO
    Spare Plastic Parts for the TERO
    Spare Hardware and Swaybar Bag for the TERO
    Screws for mounting a MōVI M5 or M10 to the TERO (M15 requires Male Toad Adapter)
    MōVI M5
    2 MōVI M5 Batteries
    MōVI M5 Battery Charger
    MōVI Stand
    MōVI M5 Case
    Toad In The Hole Quick Release
    Additional Toad (male adapter)
    Lightweight Right Angle Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
    Right Angle Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable

    Please note that a charger for the TERO's battery is not included.

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