DJI S800 EVO + A2 COMBO
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    Brand: DJI

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    Spreading Wings S800 EVO Features

    - Next Generation Professional Hex-Rotor Platform
    - Strengthened and Rigid Frame Structure
    - Stable and High Performance Power System
    - Highly Efficient Power Reserve
    - Retractable Landing Gear, Folding Propeller and Folding GPS Bracket
    - High Performance Dampening Kit

    Next Generation Professional Hex-Rotor Platform
    The S800 EVO is a new generation of hex-rotor platform designed for professional aerial photography. Amongst other design features, it has a strengthened and rigid frame structure, strong and stable power system and also an efficient and abundant power reserve, all of these features make the S800 EVO a perfect choice for commercial and industrial AP applications.

    Highly integrated design, simple and easy to install.
    Retractable landing gear, folding propellers and folding GPS bracket, enables good portability and an excellent user experience, making it more superior to other platforms.
    The Retractable landing gear and high-performance vibration absorber kit helps you to achieve the full range of aerial perspective and shoot high quality video material.
    Perfectly matched with the WooKong-M flight control system, it’s easy to obtain a stable hover and has excellent flight performance, and can be widely used in the various fields of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

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