• DJI - S1000 Premium + A2 +Z15 GH3 Kit

    The DJI S1000 Premium with the A2 Flight Controller is the most sought after multi-copter for video professionals and photographers in the USA. If you are looking for optimal cinema style  video then is your best option. The S1000 Premium, and DJI A2 Flight System you are looking at is the best in the feild to date. Professionals from coast to coast in the US are ordering this setup to impress their clients needs. Various S1000 Packages Available.

    - Safe And Stable
    - Portable Easy To Use
    - Sparkproof Plugs
    - Professional Scale Octocopter
    - Low Gimbal Mounting Position
    - Retractable Landing Gear
    - ZENMUSE Z15-GH3 Gimbal
    - New Damping Design
    - Innovative Frame Arm Design
    - Real-time Telemetry
    - Supports 6S 16,000mah Battery
    - *Camera not included

    *Limited Availability.

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