• DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System ( No Arms )

    DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System ( No Arms )

    Brand: DJI
    Product Code: Parts-E1200-7

    The E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System is a multirotor propulsion system that is designed for multi-rotor aircrafts with 7-15 kg weight limits.

    Notice: The LED color of ESC is green by default. To change the LED color for nose indication, you need to purchase Updater for DJI Smart ESC and download DJI ESC Assistant. For details, you can refer to E1200 Pro User Manual.


    The E1200 Pro features enhanced efficiency, security and endurance.
    The design of the powertrain provides effective protection for the internal mechanisms while making assembly and configuration more convenient.
    The Z-Blade 17-inch foldable propellers are made using an advanced carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, which reduces rotational inertia and enhances rigidity.
    New, upgraded motors promote efficient heat dissipation to improve endurance and reliability, even when flying in harsh environments.
    The Smart ESCs feature a sinusoidal drive, which provides greater efficiency and more agile dynamic response.
    High visibility LED indicators provide real-time motor status information, enhancing flight safety.

    In The Box

    Powertrain Clockwise ×1
    Powertrain Counter-Clockwise ×1
    Screws for arms (M3×14 hexagon)
    Screws for foldable propellers (M3×12.5 hexagon)
    Screws for propeller mount cover (M3×8)
    Screws for motor base mount (M3×12 hexagon)
    Soft dampers
    Propeller washers

    Remounting the Propellers
    1) Use two foldable propeller mounting screws (M3×12.5 hexagon), the two propeller cover mounting screws (M3×8), and the four propeller washers to remount the propellers.
    2) First apply thread locker to the thread of the propeller mount, then tighten the screws until the propeller blades are securely clamped and can rotate freely.

    Propeller Precautions
    Check the markers on the screws and propeller covers before every flight. If the propellers are loose, the markers will provide a visual cue.

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