AR6260 DSMX 6-Channel Carbon Fuselage Receiver

AR6260 DSMX 6-Channel Carbon Fuselage Receiver (SPMAR6260)

Key Features

6-channel receiver optimized for carbon fiber fuselage installations
Narrow case design for sailplanes, hotliners and similar models
Two 7-inch (186mm) coaxial antennas
Two internal receivers for dual path diversity
Preset failsafe on all channels
QuickConnect™ technology
2048 resolution
Telemetry capable
Flight Log compatible
Includes lightweight polycarbonate case (Total receiver weight with polycarbonate case: 8.4 grams (0.3 ounces))

The Spektrum™ AR6260 full-range receiver is specifically designed for carbon fiber fuselage installations. Carbon fiber can create an RF shielding effect that significantly reduces signal range when using conventional receivers and antennas. The AR6260 features a special antenna design that overcomes these RF limitations by letting you route the antennas through the side of the fuselage to the outside.

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