• 5.8GHz FPV Omnidirect Circular Polarize Antena Set

    5.8GHz FPV Omnidirect Circular Polarize Antena Set (FPV58105)

    Key Features:

    Frequency Range: 5700-5900 MHz
    Impedance: 50Ω
    VSWR: Less than 1.5
    Polarization: RHCP
    Radiation: Omni
    Maximum Power Input: 20W
    Connector: SMA and RPSMA optional
    Coaxial Cable: RG316
    Clover (TX): 7.7g
    Skew (RX): 8.6g
    Case size: 33.5mm×16mm
    Cable Length: 73mm(skew), 33.5mm(clover)

    Right-hand circular polarization (RHCP) has well and truly been established as the antenna of choice for 5.8GHz FPV use and now you can enjoy the benefits without the head scratching involved in making them yourself. The hard case enclosure will ensure that your antennae are never damaged or bent out of shape while handling or after a rough landing while the flexible cable ensures easy positioning for optimum performance.

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