• 350 QX3 BNF with SAFE® Technology (BLH8180)

    350 QX3 BNF with SAFE® Technology (BLH8180)

    Get started in the drone craze with the Blade 350QX3. Budget friendly
    GPS equipped drone with Safe Technology and Return to Home features.
    Perfect for any entry level drone pilot.

    Smart Mode

    Perfect for first-time drone flyers. In Smart Mode, the 350 QX3 will always fly in whatever direction the control stick is pushed. This is called Stick Relativity. It doesn’t matter which way the nose is pointed. If you move the control stick to the right, even if the aircraft is spinning, it will fly to the right. Smart Mode also creates a SAFE Circle™ barrier that prevents the aircraft from flying too close to the pilot.

    The Blade® 350 QX3 gives you everything you need to put your GoPro camera* in the perfect spot for epic aerial shots. This Bind-N-Fly® version comes completely assembled with a Spektrum™ receiver installed. All you have to do is charge the battery and bind it to a 5+ channel DSM2®/DSMX® aircraft transmitter.* *Sold separately

    Key Features:

    GoPro-ready right out of the box (GoPro camera not included)
    Compatible with 5+ Channel Spektrum™ DSM2®/DSMX® transmitters
    Easy to fly – no experience necessary
    15 minute flight time
    Mast-mounted GPS antenna for improved GPS performance
    Advanced SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) Technology
    Smart Flight Mode – SAFE Circle™ barrier, stick relative control response and GPS/Altitude hold
    AP Flight Mode – faster panning and tracking response with GPS/Altitude hold
    Return Home function – aircraft returns to start up point and lands on its own
    GoPro compatible camera mount
    Optional Blade® CGO2 GB 3-Axis stabilized HD camera available separately
    E-flite® 3000mAh 11.1V Li-Po Flight Battery
    E-flite DC Li-Po Battery Charger with AC Adapter
    Four AA Transmitter Batteries
      $449.99 Regular Price
      $349.99Sale Price

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