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Family friendly instruction & fun.

DRONE CAMPS offers live on on one classes and training for building remote controlled mutlicopters, as well as, lessons on safely operating remote controlled aircrafts under current US laws. We provide all the gear.

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Drone Camps RC is a specialized educational training course that teaches new R/C pilots to fly responsibly and within the current US Laws. Each student pilot will receive one on one flying time with a Certified Drone Camps Pilot Instructor. All R/C flying is done at a low level altitude below 400ft under current FAA regulations. The purpose of this course is to educate each pilot to fly, and operate under current US law.

The courses listed below include classroom and flying time. To receive a DRONE CAMPS certification we require that you sign up for AMA before the course begins. Any DRONE CAMPS RC certifcation is notable only to the accomplishment of our specific courses. DRONE CAMPS offers no insurance benefits, lawful rights, or US commercial drone license perks. This course is for the benefit of new RC pilots to operate under AMA industry standards, laws, and rules of R/C aircraft operation. Feel free to contact us for any lesson or camp information to enroll in our flight program.  - 
DRONE CAMPS RC Staff - Safety first everyone...

AMA Supported.

2 hour Beginner Lesson:                    $200

DRONE CAMPS: "Future Pilot" Lesson is the best choice for the beginner R/C Flyer. DRONE CAMPS Instructors will teach you the basics of multirotor flight. This lesson will get you off the ground and have you flying safely. All gear is provided.


- Hands on Flying Instruction

- Simulator Coaching

- Fly with your instructor "Buddy Boxed". No crashes.

- Unboxing / Contents

- Mu