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20 Minute Phone Consult with Justin

20 Minute Phone Consult with Justin

Drone Camps RC



Talk to Justin on the phone and get advice and commentary on what to buy for your first drone or next drone. Tailored advice to what you specifically need. Each pilot has different needs and budgets.

Advice on any products including, beginner quads, which radio, chargers, micro quads, 3", 4", 5" and Long Range Fpv 7" drones. 


This might be the best $20 you spend getting into the hobby. This will save you hours of time researching and watching Youtube videos.


On your 20 Minute call ; Justin can personally let you know what you need to get have the best experience to get started flying Fpv. 


When you buy this phone consult package you will be able to download the PDF package with our private phone number and email to schedule your phone call.

Call times are gennerally Mon-Thursday. 10am to 5pm.


Justin is excited to offer this new service to the community as a way to have a one on one conversation about what you need.


Payment made by paypal to JCNY Collection ; parent company of Drone Camps RC.


***Purchasing this product does not include physical merchandise, or drones. This does include a digital PDF Download with information on how to schedule your phone consult with Justin Davis.

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