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ULTIMATE Thermal Vision+ Combo

Expert Solutions for Professionals

or Industrial Applications

ULTIMATE Thermal Vision+ Combo


Includes a 3-AXIS GIMBAL and VISION+ APP for viewing

and controlling the FLIR TAU 2.


Brand: Dronexpert

Product Code: Thermal-UAS-Pro-Package

Availability: Pre-Order, Call to Order.


Want the ULTIMATE Thermal Drone Setup? 

Introducing the Revolutionary Phantom Vision+ with FLIR Tau2



- Version 3.0, Upgraded DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

- 168 FLIR Thermal Video (Upgradable to 324/336 or 640 FLIR)

- Flir Tau VPC Module

- 3 AXIS Stabilized Camera Gimbal

- Phantom 2 Vision Spare Part No. 19 Upper Damping Bracket

- Controllable FLIR camera via Vision+ App

- Swappable Camera setups (Swap from FLIR, Vision+, GoPro Camera Setups!)

- Flir Accessories

- App connector (for controlling camera from your smartphone; iPhone/android/samsung).

- DroneExpert Camera swap system (use multiple cameras on one drone

and still use the Vision+ App!

- SD Daylight Vision camera

- Original DJI Vision+ HD Camera ($679 value) is included for using alone for HD daylight videos/Picture (cannot be used the same time with Tau 2 camera)

- DroneExpert™ Quickrelease (you also will be able to switch to other 3rd party camera’s


Price: $6,699.00


Phantom 2 VISION+ FLIR Thermal Camera Combo

DJI Phantom 2 and FLIR Tau 2 168 Performance Thermal camera

Onboard DVR for video recording ( Upgradable to 324, 336 FLIR Camera) Choose Lens options:


FLIR Thermal cameras terms and conditions:  

The product is Export Controlled and is for Commercial purposes only. 


All buyers from United States shall agree

   1/ NOT to export the product out of US and use it only within US for commercial purposes only AND

   2/ That the product will NOT be used in the design, development, production or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles.


If you are located outside of the United States of America and Canada, an end user statement on company letterhead, signed by an officer of your company must accompany an order. For 30Hz cameras an Export Licesne is required and will take approximately 60-90 days ARO. In cases where 9Hz cameras are quoted and purchased outside the United States of America and Canada, an end user statement is also required but may not need an Export License. End user statements must include the following statement:

   1/ These commodities are for commercial use only.

   2/ They will NOT be used in the design, development, production or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles. Your order may be declined and refunded if we cannot verify the end-user statements.

.Wide Field of View (WFOV) Commercial Version 

Tau  2  640  is  a  640x512  LWIR  uncooled  focal  plane  array  (FPA) camera with a pixel size of 17 microns. Several wide field of view lens options are offered. Lenses are hard carbon coated for harsh environments. 

Tau ouput multiple digital video formats as well as NTSC video at 30 fps as a standard, or PAL video at 25fps.

A  number  of  optional  accessories  provide  additional  Tau connectivity.  

H=Hard Carbon Coated Lens 


Tau 2 LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera Cores


Tau 2 is the latest generation product in FLIR’s Tau family of LWIR uncooled thermal imaging camera cores.

Two significant advances in Tau 2 are the introduction of:

  • Enhanced electronics for improved image processing; and

  • FLIR’s 336×256, 17μ-pitch sensor format (in addition to the 324×256, 25μ-pitch & 640×512, 17μ-pitch Tau 2 versions)

There is no difference in form or fit between Tau 2 and the first generation Tau cameras. The upgraded Tau 2 electronics enable additional functions and capabilities that are planned for release on a periodic basis. A comparison of the Tau2 version evolution can be found here: Tau Feature Comparison. Note that earlier versions of Tau (1.X) cannot be upgraded to the newer Tau 2 configuration.

Since the electronics are common between the Tau 2 – 640, Tau 2 – 336, and Tau 2 – 324, integrators have direct compatibility between the different camera formats, and most Tau camera versions share the same lens options.

FLIR also offers three low-cost Tau 2 options for applications that do not require high resolution imaging:

  • Tau2 160 a 160×128 with 25 μ-pitch

  • Tau2 162 a 160×128 with 50 μ-pitch

  • Tau2 168 a 160×128 with 34 μ-pitch




Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

Thermal ImagerUncooled VOx Microbolometer

FPA / Digital Video Display Formats640 × 512336 × 256324 × 256

Analog Video Display Formats640 × 480 (NTSC); 640 × 512 (PAL)1

Pixel Pitch17 μm25 μm

Spectral Band7.5 - 13.5 μm

Full Frame Rates30 Hz (NTSC)
25 Hz (PAL)30/60 Hz (NTSC)
25/50 Hz (PAL)

Exportable Frame Rates7.5 Hz NTSC; 8.3 Hz PAL

Sensitivity (NEdT)<50 mK at f/1.0

Scene Range (High Gain)-25°C to +135°C-25°C to +100°C-25°C to +135°C

Scene Range (Low Gain)-40°C to +550°C

Time to Image<5.0 sec<4.0 sec

Factory Optimized VideoYes

Physical Attributes

Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

Size (w/o lens)1.75" x 1.75" x 1.18"

Lensed & Lensless Configurations AvailableYes

Precision Mounting Holes (M2x0.4) on
3 sides (2 per side)Yes

Sealable Bulkhead Mounting Feature
on Lens Barrel (M29×1.0), WFOV OnlyYes

Radiometric Features

Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

IsothermsSee Product Spec page 34 Section

Spot MeterTemperatures measured in central 4×4

Advanced RadiometryImproved accuracy, moveable spot meter, image metric data, T-Linear (digital output)
(OEM part number required, additional charge)

Image Processing & Display Controls

Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

NTSC/PAL (field switchable)Yes

Image OptimizationYes

Digital Detail EnhancementYes

Invert/Revert (analog and 8-bit digital)Yes

Polarity Control (black hot/white hot)Yes

Color & Monochrome Palettes (LUTs)Yes

Digital Zoom2x, 4x, 8x2x, 4x

Continuous ZoomYes

Symbology (256 gray & 256 color)Yes, single-pixel resolution for all models

Digital Video

Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

LVDS (14-bit or 8-bit)Yes

CMOS (14-bit or 8-bit)Yes

BT.656 (8-bit)Yes

Camera Link (Expansion Bus Accessory Module)Yes

Slow Video Option (factory configured)Yes


Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

Primary Electrical Connector50-pin Hirose

Input Power (max 2.5 amp during shutter)4.0 - 6.0 VDC

Power Dissipation, steady state<1.2 W~1.0 W

Flat-Field Correction (FFC) Duration<0.5 sec

Power Reduction Switch (disables analog video)Yes

RS-232 Compatible Communication57,600 & 921,600 baud

External Sync Input/OutputYes

Discrete I/O Controls AvailableYes (10-camera minimum)

Settable Splash ScreensYes (10-camera minimum)

User Configurability via SDK & GUIYes

Dynamic Range SwitchingNoYes


Tau 640

Tau 336

Tau 324

Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +80°C

Non-Operating Temperature Range-55°C to +95°C

Temperature Shock5°/min

Operational Altitude+40,000 feet

Humidity5% - 95% non-condensing

Vibration4.3g three axis, 8 hr each

Shock200g shock pulse w/ 11 msec sawtooth



Wide Field of View (WFOV) Models


7.5 mm

9 mm
f/1.25 for Tau 324 & 336
f/1.4 for Tau 640

13 mm

19 mm

Tau 640
(17μ 640×512)FoV
iFoV90° x 69°
2.267 mr69° x 56°
1.889 mr45° x 37°
1.308 mr32° x 26°
0.895 mr

Tau 336
(17μ 336×256)FoV
iFoV45° x 35°
2.267 mr35° x 27°
1.889 mr25° x 19°
1308 mr17° x 13°
0.895 mr

Tau 324
(25μ 324×256)FoV
iFoV63° x 50°
3.333 mr48° x 37°
2.778 mr34° x 26°
1.923 mr24° x 18°
1.316 mr

Min Focus Distance2.5cm3.2cm7.6cm15.3cm

Hyperfocal Distance1.2m2.1m4.4m9.5m

Hyperfocal Depth of Field0.6m1.1m2.2m4.8m

Lens MountM34x0.5 inside thread; M29x0.5 outside thread





Narrow Field of View (NFOV) Models


25 mm

35 mm

50 mm

60 mm

100 mm

Tau 640
(17μ 640×512)FoV
iFoV25° x 20°
0.680 mr18° x 14°
0.486 mr12.4° x 9.9°
0.340 mr10.4° x 8.3°
0.283 mr6.2° x 5°
0.170 mr

Tau 336
(17μ 336×256)FoV
iFoV13° x 10°
0.680 mr9.3° x 7.1°
0.486 mr6.5° x 5°
0.340 mr5.5° x 4.2°
0.283 mr3.3° x 2.5°
0.170 mr

Tau 324
(25μ 324×256)FoV
iFoV18° x 14°
1.000 mr13° x 10°
0.714 mr9.1° x 6.9°
0.500 mr7.6° x 5.7°
0.417 mr4.6° x 3.7°
0.250 mr

Min Focus Distance30cm60cm1.5m2.3m7m

Hyperfocal Distance21m35m71m122m160m

Hyperfocal Depth of Field11m18m36m61m80m

Lens MountM34x0.5 inside thread.





ULTIMATE - Thermal FLIR Camera Combo Gallery

* Lens Option 168p

(stock availability may depend on specific

option - contact for info):


19mm f/1.25, fast video, 17⁰x13⁰  

19mm f/1.25, slow video, 17⁰x13⁰  

13mm f/1.25, fast video, 25⁰x19⁰ 

13mm f/1.25, slow video, 25⁰x19⁰ 

 9mm f/1.25, fast video, 35⁰x27⁰ 

 9mm f/1.25, slow video, 35⁰x27⁰  


***Pelican Case Option available ($259)

and extra Vision+ batteries ($129 ea)





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