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What should I buy after I fly a smaller quad?

Ok this section is specifically for those of you who have been asking me what is my favorite quad, goggles, radio, accessories, etc. This page will be updated from month to month. New items will be added or changed as new things come into my workshop. Hopefully having this information available helps with your first purchases and saves you some money in the process. 



TOP 5 FPV Racers : 


1. Furibee FUUTON

Buy with FrSky 16 Channel Reciever

Buy with No Reciever 


2. HolyBro Shuriken X1

Buy with DSMX Reciever

Buy with FrSky Reciever

Buy with FlySky Reciever 

Buy with Futuba Reciever


3. Emax Babyhawk

Buy with No Receiver

Buy Compatible Full Range FrSky Reciever

Buy Compatible FlySky Micro Receiver

Buy DSM2 Compatible Receiver


4. KingKong 210GT -Ready to Fly with Charger, Radio & Battery

Buy in Green Here

Buy in Red Here


5. Walkera Rodeo 110 "Ready to Fly Combo" Buy here

Best Battery Charger to start out with?

My opinon the SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 6A Balance Charger is a great one to start out with.


Buy the : SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2

SKYRC B6AC V2 is the upgraded version for well-known IMAX B6AC. Compared with B6AC V1, it is more accurate and stable and also has some new features and functions. Users could set the terminal voltage by themselves and connect it to PC for PC control and firmware upgrade. What's more, users could also use it as Lithium Battery Meter and Battery Internal Resistance Meter. There are Automatic Charging Current Limit, Capacity Limit, Temperature Threshold and Processing Time Limit which makes the charger safer than V1.  

SKYRC B6AC V2 is a high-performance, micro processor control charge / discharge station with battery management suitable for use with all current battery types, with integral equalizer for six-cell Lithium- Polymer ( LiPo ), Lithium iron phosphate( LiFe ) and Lithium-Ion ( LiIon ) batteries; maximum 6A charge current and maximum 50W charge power.

Main Features:
Dual Power Input:
AC input: 100 - 240V
DC input: 11 - 18V
Charging current: 6A
Discharging current: 2A

Temperature Probe Socket ( Not included )
If the temperature limit is reached, the process will be terminated. ( This function is available by connecting optional temperature probe, which is not included in the package. )

Different Charging Modes
Depending on different kinds of batteries, there are different charging modes to meet users' request

Specifications Scan:
Item Name: Balance Charger 
Application: For RC Model Battery
AC Input Voltage: 100 - 240V
Discharge Current Range: 0.1 - 2.0A
SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Balance Charger Discharger





Type: Lipo Balance Charger, and Lipo Battery Charger.


Charger Information

Charger Power Supply: DC


Dimension and Weight

Package weight: 1.080 kg 
Package size (L x W x H): 15.00 x 15.00 x 4.50 cm / 5.91 x 5.91 x 1.77 inches


Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x iMAX B6AC V2 Balance Charger, 1 x Power Cord, 1 x T Plug with Banana Connector Charging Cable, 1 x DC Cable with Alligator Clip Charging Connector, 1 x T Plug with Alligator Clip Connector Charging Cable, 1 x T Plug with Futaba Connector Charging Cable, 1 x T Plug with JST Connector Charging Cable, 1 x T Plug with XT60 Connector Charging Cable

Want the best and most portable charger?

Grab a iSDT Charger and charge while your at the field. My best option to charge while I'm on road trips or flying with the guys. 


Buy the : iSDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A Mini Pocket Balance Charger

Main Features:

- 32-bit CPU, high processing speed
- 2.4 inch IPS display with 178-degree visible angle, auto brightness
- 50 percent smaller but 300 percent higher cooling efficiency
- Optimization sCOs, instant boot
- One key shuttle control, easy access to status and settings, 80 percent reduction of operation
- The third generation smart balance charger features high accuracy and subtle voltage adjustment
- Universal international version, multi-language menu - English, French, German are available


Input voltage: DC 7 - 23V
Output voltage: 0 - 30V
Charge current: 0.1 - 14.0A
Discharge current: 0.1 - 3.0A
Max. charge capacity: 300W
Max. discharge capacity: 8W
Balancing current: 1A / cell
Balance cells: 2 - 6S
Supported battery type: LiFe / Li-ion / LiPo / LiHV ( 1 - 6S ); NiMH / NiCd ( 1 - 16S ); Pb ( 1 - 12S )
Display: 2.4 inch 320 x 240 IPS LCD
Operating temperature: 0 - 40 Deg.C
Storage temperature: -20 to 60 Deg.C
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 33.5mm
Weight: 119g

Best Ecomony Fpv Goggles to start with?


My opinon the Furibee VR01 Goggles are some of my favorites for two reasons. #1 the Price. #2 the Diversity Antennas and the menu options.


Buy Furibee VR01 Goggles here : Furibee VR01 Goggles

Best "As good as Fatshark but cheaper with DVR"


Aomway Commander Goggles


My opinon Aomway Commander Goggles are a straight up competitor to the Fathsark Dominators. They are less expensive. Have diversity antennas, and do almost the same functions. Including DVR video recording to micro sd card.


Buy Aomway Commander Goggles here : Aomway Commander Goggles

Best Radio / Transmitter



Compatible with FrSky Recievers


For three years now I have had thousands of flight and no fails with this radio system. It has unlimited model capacity and affordable recievers. And you can program it on the LED screen or in Open TX. Fly quads, planes, helis, or whatever you choose. - 5 Stars!


Buy Taranis Plus X9D Here:

Taranis Plus X9D Transmitter Link

Best Ecomony Radio



Compatible with FrSky Recievers


The newer little brother to the Taranis X9D. You get to use the same FrSky recievers and you have almost all of the same functions as the X9D minus a few switches. - 5 Stars for the price and use.


Buy Taranis X7 Here:

Taranis X7 Transmitter Link

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