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See what our customers have to say about Drone Camps RC.

Ken Nielsen    Crestview, Florida


Great experience working with Justin on my Phantom purchase. As I went down the entire list and called EVERY DJI dealer on the list of authorized Phantom dealers on the DJI website Justin was the most informative and experienced DJI pilot I spoke with. He understood what I wanted to do, he had been there and done that with both the DJI quad I was looking at and also had experience flying the Blade 350 which I had been flying for months. Don't take my word for it, call the DJI list yourself and see how many of the reps you speak with have actually taken the Phantom out in "REAL LIFE" situations ( not just test flights in the parking lot ). Highly recommend Drone Camps after many hours of research.



Ken Nielsen

News/Program Director

Crestview Community Television


Todd Tuvell  -  Delaware


My Phantom 2 Vision + came in today, a day early. Thanks so much for your great service! Your company has gone above and beyond for sure.

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