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Phantom 2 with Thermal FLIR VUE Camera Gallery

RTF - DJI Phantom 2 (Version 3) with FLIR VUE Thermal Camera Combo, Verison 3.0

NEW - FLIR VUE™ Thermal Drone

by Drone Camps RC - Includes Free Shipping.


Brand: DJI
Product Code: Phantom-FLIR-Vue-Package
Availability: In Stock


#1 Choice for Law Enforcement, Security, Fire, Wildlife, Search and Rescue. Shipped within 10 Days.



- Ready to Fly, DJI Phantom 2, Upgraded Edition. 

- FLIR VUE Thermal Camera

- DVR for Realtime Video Recording

- NEW DJI Phantom Radio + AC Battery Charger

- 25min Flight Time & Intelligent Battery

- Auto Return-to-Home & Landing

- Advanced Power Management

- Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)

- Easy Battery Replacement

- Self-tightening Propellers

- Video Downlink Ready

- CAN-Bus Expansion Module



*Call 844-DRONE-RC for additional upgrade options, and custom pricing. Example you can add: On screen display options known as iOSD, Prop Guards, Hard Case, or upgrade FLIR Model / Resolution & Lens.


Price: $2899.00


Phantom 2 FLIR VUE Thermal Camera UAS Info:


DJI Phantom 2 with FLIR VUE Thermal Vision Camera Gimbal (Ready to Fly)

SAR Drone


Easy to use in commercial sUAS operations as diverse as search and rescue,

industrial inspection, pipeline surveys, and precision agriculture. 

With the same powerful thermal imaging core used in the most popular cameras in the world, FLIR Vue gives the same performance for a ground breaking low price, making it the perfect thermal UAV drone solution for sale.




  • DJI Phantom 2 - New version with all lastest upgrades

  • FLIR VUE 336-Slow Version Thermal Vision camera (Upgradable to 640 Version)

  • SD DVR High Resolution Digital Video Recorder For FPV

  • Phantom 2 Vision Spare Part No. 19 Upper Damping Bracket

  • Castle Creations CC BEC 10A 6S Switching

  • FPV Basic Combo (5.8ghz Videolink, Black Pearl 7 in monitor, Charger, TX & RX Antennas, Monitor Holder Kit)

We will completely build this system (10-14 business days) and throughly test fly it before we ship it out.


With the same powerful thermal imaging core used in the most popular cameras in the world, FLIR Vue gives the same performance for a ground breaking low price, making it perfect for applications like:


  • Search and rescue

  • Fire fighting

  • Precision agriculture

  • Roof inspections

  • Power line inspections

  • Substation inspections

  • Cell tower inspections

  • Security

  • Surveying



FLIR Vue™ Specifications: 




Thermal ImagerUncooled VOx Microbolometer


Lens Options9 mm; 69° x 56°
13 mm; 45° x 37°
19 mm; 32° x 26°7.5 mm; 62° x 49°
9 mm; 35° x 27°
13 mm; 25° x 19°

Spectral Band7.5 - 13.5 μm

Full Frame Rates30 Hz (NTSC); 25 Hz (PAL)

Exportable Frame Rates7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)

Physical Attributes

Size2.26" x 1.75" (including lens)

Weight3.25 - 4 oz (Configuration Dependant)

Precision Mounting HolesTwo M2x0.4 on each of two sides & bottom
One 1/4-20 threaded hole on top

Image Processing & Display Controls

Image Optimization for sUASYes

Digital Detail EnhancementYes - Adjustable in GUI

Invertable Image?Yes - Adjustable in GUI

Polarity Control (black hot/whitehot) & Color PalettesYes - Adjustable in GUI


Input Power (max 2.5 amp during shutter)4.0 - 6.0 VDC

Power Dissipation (steady state)<1.2 W˜1.0 W


Operating Temperature Range-20°C to +50°C

Non-Operating Temperature Range-55°C to +95°C

Operational Altitude+40,000 feet

FLIR Vue 336 Export Info:




Uncooled thermal imaging cameras operating at 30Hz (NTSC) or 25Hz (PAL) with a resolution of 336x256 and lower-resolution are export-controlled by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Validated export licenses must be obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce prior to export or re-export of such devices outside of the United States. FLIR employs a team of trade compliance professionals that understand the export rules and regulations, and can assist our customers with their export questions and issues.

In circumstances whereby FLIR delivers a camera to a customer in the U.S. who intends to export or re-export the FLIR camera outside of the United States, whether or not the camera is integrated into another product, it is the customer’s responsibility to apply for the required export license from the appropriate department of the U.S. government. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

Note that there are several countries to which the export of thermal imaging cameras is prohibited under any circumstances, regardless of the camera resolution or video rate. These countries are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Export policies governing the export of thermal imaging cameras are established by the U.S. government, and in order for FLIR to comply with the policy requirements, we in turn ensure that our customers agree to these conditions.

Full-Rate Thermal Video Cameras

The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is 6A003b.4 for 336x256 and lower-resolution, full-rate video cameras. Two forms are required in order for FLIR to apply to the Department of Commerce for the purpose of obtaining a validated export license for full-rate video thermal imaging cameras with 336x256 or lower resolution: 



Transaction Info


Slow-Rate Thermal Video Cameras

ECCN 6A003.b.4.b (see Full-Rate Thermal Video, above) does not control imaging cameras having a maximum frame rate equal to or less than 9 Hz. This means that thermal imaging cameras with frame rates of less than 9Hz may be exported outside of the United States without an export license, except to the embargoed countries Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. However, under no circumstances can thermal imaging cameras be used in the design, development, production, or use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, regardless of frame rate.

FLIR offers all of its uncooled thermal imaging cameras in slow-rate video (< 9Hz) versions. For NTSC, the slow video rate is 7.5Hz, and for PAL, the slow video rate is 8.3Hz. These rates apply to slow video versions of the following cameras:


  • Photon 640, 320, 160, 120, and 80

  • Tau 640, 320, and 160

  • Tau 2 640, 336, 324, and 160

  • Quark 640 and 336


The only requirement imposed by the U.S. government is to collect certain information for cameras shipped outside the U.S. To comply with this requirement, FLIR processes a Transaction Information form for sales of slow video cameras.


Transaction Info


The ECCN for 9Hz (slow-video) thermal cameras is 6A993.

Wide Field of View (WFOV) Models


 6.8 mm9 mm13 mm19 mm

Vue 640FoVN/A69° x 56°45° x 37°32° x 26°

(17μ 640x512)iFoV1.889 mr1.308 mr0.895 mr

Vue 336FoV45° x 35°35° x 27°25° x 19°N/A

(17μ 336x256)iFoV1.889 mr1.308 mr0.895 mr

Min Focus Distance2.5cm3.2cm7.6cm15.3cm

Hyperfocal Distance1.2m2.1m4.4m9.5m

Min Focus Depth of Field0.6m1.1m2.2m4.8m


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