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Crash Insurance for your new drone!

Plans cover Drone, Transmitter, and batteries. Also

Accidental crashes, Impact Damage, and Water Damage.

"What goes up. Must come down..."


1 Year and 2 Year Warranty Plans Available.


Purchasing our CPS drone warranty services gives you coverage under the terms below. Coverage warranty service plans vary. Please select the amount of coverage you need for your drone. Accidental plans will cover parts, replacement, and repair costs. Purchasing any of these plans through Drone Camps RC is valid and covers any of our drones purchased on our site. This offer is only good when purchasing your drone in the same shopping cart checkout. Cannot be purcahsed for drones not purchased from Drone Camps RC Store. - Purchase your plan below.

Drone Camps RC - Accidental Drone Crash Coverage
The CPS accidental warranty plans provide you with peace of mind while flying your drone. By adding the accidental option to one of our CPS warranty plans, you are enabling us to cover unintentional damages to your drone as a result of: impact, crashes, dropping, liquid damage, or unintentional physical damage. 
  • Drone Warranty Coverage. Frequently Asked Questions :
    • Covers Crashes and Impact Damage.
    • Full parts and labor on all internal hardware failure, as well as Accidental Damage 
      protection from crashes, water damages, impact damages, etc.
    • When do I need to purchase a plan? - At the time of purcashing your drone.
    • Does it cover general maintenance or calibration? No. But you can send it in for a discounted repair.
    • Batteries are covered from accidental damage, water, or impact.
      *Batteries are not covered from loss of charge due to use.
    • Covers Drone & Remote Control, and battery.
    • Covers Liquid Damage. Crash into a lake etc. 
    • 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor Protection
    • Unlimited Claims, or until your repairs reach purchased retail price of your drone.
    • Fully Renewable. Call Drone Camps to Renew your drone's CPS Warranty. 
    • Full International Coverage - Wherever You Are.
    • Covers all major manufacturersL: Q500 4K, Blade, Blade Chroma, and DJI Drones.
    • 100% Part/Labor coverage for Drone Body
    • Coverage starts 30 days after purchase
    • Accidental Coverage only
    • Deductibles apply, See your plan. 
    • Lost or Stolen products are not covered.
    • Does cover your included camera and gimbal.
    • Does not cover camera gimbals that did not come attached to the drone.
    • Accidental Damage is covered.
    • Am I required to pay shipping? - Yes, Customer is to pay shipping for all claims.
    • Warranty is transferrable if you sell your drone with $25 transfer fee.
    • How to I make a claim? Email claims to:
    • CPS Customer Service Claims: 1-800-905-0443

This is a 1 time payment of the plan you choose.

Click below to choose the plan for you.                                       Questions? Call: 912-441-1412

Click below to choose the plan for you.                                       Questions? Call: 912-441-1412

Click Below to choose the plan for you.

This is a 1 time payment of the plan you choose.

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