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FPV Goggles

Tip: Goggles come with starter antennas. Also they come in various resoultions. Upgrading antennas can make all the difference to get a clean signal.

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FPV Cameras

Tip: FPV cameras go on your aircraft. Select the right one for your quad or fixed wing airplane.

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Video Recievers & Monitors

Tip: Recievers are for getting your video from your aircraft to your video monitor or goggles on the ground. Monitors for viewing video.

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Tip: Antennas can go on the aicraft, video monitor, or your goggles. Antennas send or recieve the video feed.

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Goggle Modules

Tip: Modules go on your Goggles ( antennas connects to module.) *Not every pair of goggles come with a module. Example: Dominators.

Video Transmitters (Vtx)

Tip: "Vtx" or Video Transmitters go on your aircraft or whatever you want to send video from. The Vtx sends the singal to your goggles or your monitor. 

Race Batteries

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