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DJI S1000 Premium w/ A2 Agriculture Custom Package

DJI S1000 Premium with A2 - Agriculture Package

This package is custom designed for those who own a farm and they wish to cover acres quickly. With the added iPad waypoint setup you can specifiy a flight path on Google Maps and fly an automated route. Or save that route for daily or weekly use to monitor your crop, farm, or livestock.


Call to add FLIR Camera and Gimbal to this package.


Package Includes: Everything you need to get in the air.

- DJI S1000 Premium with the A2 Autopilot with GPS

- DJI 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Data Link with Free 50

waypoints to fly with iPad 

- Futuba 14SG Radio

- 2, 11,000 Mah Batteries

- Chargery 50 Amp 11.5-24.5V

  1200 Watt DC Power Supply

- Hyperion EOS720I Net 3 AC/DC Charger

- Built, ready to fly, and shipped. 


- Safe And Stable

- Portable Easy To Use

- 15-20 Min Flight times

- Professional Scale Octocopter

- Low Gimbal Mounting Position

- Retractable Landing Gear

- New Damping Design

- Innovative Frame Arm Design

- Real-time Telemetry

- Supports 6S 16,000mah Battery

and up to 21,000mah Batteries.


*Does not include Zenmuse Z15 Gimbal or DSLR.

In Stock: $7257.00

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