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$1 for a life time membership
(One time fee). Not a re-occurring charge.

*Charge will show up as a payment to JCNY Collection.Which is our parent corpration name. 


Exclusive "Members only" area.

• 50% Off Quad Deals

• FPV Frames, Parts, Goggles, Antennas

• New items Emails

• Email / Facebook Tech support

• Member News




After payment is recieved you will get an email with the Membership Club Password within 24 hours.

Thanks for your patience! - Justin.

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Some of you asked for this info:


To Pay the "Friends and Family" way to avoid a fee.

Simply make a $1 Payment to this email address:

No need to worry. Below is just the legal stuff guys. You can count on us. - Justin Davis.


Terms of Membership purchase

By purchasing this membership you agree to the following. No refunds are given for any reason for memberships. Each membership is valid only on This membership is good for a lifetime.


Purchase agreement and returns policy :

By paying for a membership you are agreeing to the following. Any purchases made in the member area are final. No returns are made on anything bought in the store. If you wish to resell it on Ebay or other outlets you are free to do so. The reason purchases are final is becuase when we sold DJI drones people would make all kinds of claims to try and return a crashed item. Their drone just flew into a tree etc. All items are functional and are sold "as is". Any item that is sold becomes your property. Any member disputing a purchase though Paypal will have his or her membership revoked.   


Return Shipping

We do not cover return shipping. 


Lost Package Claims

If you have not received your order, and feel your package may be lost, please contact us. If your package is in fact lost you will need to contact USPS. Before we can file a claim for a lost package, we must allow the U.S. Postal Service the full time allotted for delivery. The timetable for tracing lost packages: USPS Express Mail - 13 business days from the day the order was shipped USPS Priority Mail - 14 business days from the day the order was shipped USPS First Class Mail - 21 business days from the day the order was shipped. *Please do not open a PayPal claim. This will further delay the process.


Crash Policy: You crash it. You'll have to fix it. 

We have no control over your assembly or flying abilities. We have test flown each aircraft to ensure it flies.  If/when you crash the product will not be covered under any warranty unless specified by Drone Camps. Owner is subject to costs associated with any crashes or damages. 


By purchasing you also agree to the following agreement:

Any person purchasing a drone more than .5 lbs off the Drone Camps RC website is soley responsible for any registration process regarding the FAA. Please visit for registration information. Buyer is also agreeing to safe operation within the local laws and regulations regarding UAS operation in FAA airspace. Drone Camps RC is in no way responsible for any legal actions, penalties, personal injury of self or others, fines, fees, fires, public disturbance, or property damages occuring to the buyer or other parties related to the use of any item purchased on - Buyer takes full legal and personal responsibility during operation of their drone. Justin Davis or Drone Camps RC is not responsible for my actions or legal actions regarding any item(s) purchased from this website. 


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