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My Gear

This is what I like...


2022 List of what I like and use.

This page will show links to the daily items I use for flying and making fpv videos.

Anything on this page I recommend. Have tested. And suggest buying.

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Radios & Receiver 

Radiomaster TX16S MKII Edition, Link here : 

Radiomaster TX16S MAX Edition, Link here : 

Happymodel ELRS 2.4Ghz Module :

Happymodel ELRS 2.4Ghz Receivers :

Fpv Goggles

Skyzone Analog 5.8Gjz Fpv Goggles, Link here :

Budget Beginner Fpv Goggles. Skyzone Cobra X, Link here :

HM module.png
radiomaster tx16s max
elrs rx.png

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