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DJI AVATA Service agreement and FAQ.

For us to perform this upgrade service on your DJI AVATA you must sign our online liability agreement before payment(s) is made.

See the Upgrade Liability form here. 

Once we received your Service Liability Form you can proceed with the Upgrade Services and purchase.

Upgrade Service FAQ :

How long does it take?

Once we receive your C157 Motors, and DJI Avata, Controller, and Goggles it takes around 5 days

to to the upgrade, flight test, and ship. 5 Days not included in shipping time back to you. Queue can be

longer if the amount of orders is increased. We will inform you.

What do I ship to Drone Camps for the AXIS C157 motor upgrade?

- 4 or 5 AXIS C157 3650kv Motors

- DJI Avata, Props, Fpv Goggles, Controller, and Battery.

- PAID and Return Shipping Label with your address in the box.

Does this VOID my DJI Warranty or DJI Care Plan?

Yes. All DJI Warranties are voided with this upgrade. Our suggestion is if you want a

warranty you should purchase a "Drone Insurance" plan on your gear. 

Where can I get Drone Insurance?

We suggest using CPS Drone Insurance Company here :

Can Drone Camps do other upgrades on my AVATA?

Yes. Just ask us what you would like to upgrade.

Does Drone Camps Warranty this Upgrade or offer Refunds?

We will honor a 1 time motor replacement should damage occur.

Customer pays motor cost and shipping both ways.

After the upgrade you are 100% liable for any crashes or repairs after the upgrade. We suggest the above

drone insurance program to cover any loses. We have no way of proving any crashes, FC, or

system failures is Drone Camps fault after upgrade(s). Customer assumes all risk of the service and DJI Avata

Drone Camps service upgrade(s).

If you are ready to Upgrade your DJI AVATA Sign

our Service Upgrade Agreement Form here and send us an email to get started!

Upgrade Request Email :
Your Name, Pilot Experience, Service Agreement, and upgrade interest?

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