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About Us


Drone Camps RC is a household name in the USA's consumer drone industry. We helped pave the way for millions of pilots around the world to become self-sufficient drone pilots.


Our promise. We will not sell a product what we don't believe in, and that is not a satisfying product to our customers. 


Customers can expect :

• Respect, humble dedication, and service.

• Expert tech support.

• Direct phone calls. No waiting. 

• After-Sales Support



Why buy from Drone Camps?


Drone Camps RC is one of the USA's first drone themed hobby stores in the USA. We are well known for friendly, and professional support. Quickly earning customer trust and loyalty. Additional web support by weekly Youtube tutorials, and friendly tech support by phone. 


Authorized Dealer:


Drone Camps RC is authorized of Horizon Hobby, and Yuneec. You have a valid Horizon, and Yuneec product warranty when purchasing in our online store.


Warranty Info:


Chroma drones now come with a 6-Month Manufacturer Warranty. See the bottom of our Chroma page for a link to complete Chroma warranty details.​ Horizon is repsonsible for determining warranty status of your Chroma. Also new crash protection plans are now available on our site here.


Please call us anytime during business hours.

10am - 5pm, Mon-Fri. Est


Serving since 2014,


Justin Davis, Founder/Ceo

Drone Camps RC Inc.

Toll Free : 844-DRONE-RC

All orders ship from the USA.


Immersion RC Dealer:


Proud USA Dealer:

Proud USA Dealer:

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